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MiG-31BM, AMK 1/48 finished!

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Hi to all. A few weeks ago I finished this kit, AMK's MiG-31BM.

I Painted the entire kit with AK real Color RC336 MiG-25/31 grey. The dielecrtic panels of rhe nose cone , front fuselage and vertical fins with dark grey from Tamiya's acrylic, XF-24.

I decided to use the kit's decals.











I hope you like it.


Best regards,



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That looks great! As i commented on a member who finished a similar MIG a few months go, you also were able to create very convincing finish which is very hard to do on a monochrome paint scheme. The weathering, paint chipping is fantastic, this does not look like toy .  And im assuming the P-47 sitting next to it is also 1/48 so the sheer size if MIG is insane when compared to a relatively large WWII fighter .  

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