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Curtiss P-40N Warhawk, `Keystone Kathlene/Empty Saddle`, 49th FG, New Guinea, 1944

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Hi everyone,

 Got a soft spot for P-40`s, especially from the 49th FG, for some reason. So thought I`d bother you with some photo`s of my latest addition to my Pacific collection


My latest attempt at Hasegawa`s 1/48 P-40N kit, but from the Hobby2000 boxing


Finished to represent an aircraft of the 49th FG, based at Gusap, New Guinea


Built OOB as usual, with obligatory seat belts and brake pipes added


Also drilled out the filter cover ahead of the exhausts and added antenna and whip aerials evident on later P-40`s


Was originally going to do it as `Geronimo` in sand camo` but when I found the Keystone Kathlene markings new I had to do them


Deviated slightly from the decals in the kit as couldn`t find any pictures of the stars and bars with blue surrounds and painted the spinner to represent how it looked in what photo`s I did find.


The kit decals I used went on great and the alternate stars and bars came from an Eduard Airacobra set


Hope you enjoy the pic`s, thanks for looking

Have a good Easter

Cheers Russ

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Great build and finish of a somewhat maligned aircraft that didn't deserve the criticism against it.  Just a very nice representation that is a joy to look at.  Thanks for sharing.

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Glad you  bothered to bother us. I love the realism of the build and the photos. That's a standard I'd like to emulate.



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Beautiful as always!
Your colour accents look spot on!
Yes, the P-40 is one of those planes that one could build many of & not get bored.


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This post is another example of your skill to present a model in a professional way: well built, nicely set up and perfectly photographed. Great work Russ!

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