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1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, 800 NAS, Op Allied Force, 1999. Update 17/06.

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Hello all,


Here's my entry for this GB (after a lot, an awful lot) of deliberation - Kinetic's 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, which will be marked as a jet from 800 Naval Air Squadron during Operation Allied Force in 1999. Invincible and 800NAS were involved in OSW operations and were returning home in April 1999 when the ship and her company were directed to the Adriatic,  where operations were to commence in support of NATO over Kosovo.











I'll be using a Neomega ejection seat, Quinta cockpit set, Flying Leathernecks FOD inserts, Aires exhaust nozzles, Jet Passion BOL rails and some etch and a mask from Eduard's Big Ed set. I've also ordered a set of 3D printed intakes from @wellsprop.


Some references:




Will be loaded with 2x AMRAAM, 2x AIM-9 and 2x fuel tanks, which was the standard load in the early stages.  Not sure of a serial number yet, will have to see what images there are of the jets in theatre.


I've been looking at this kit for a while and had a false start with it in a previous GB (well, no start at all actually!) so hopefully I'll get it built this time. If it's anything like the FRS.1, it won't be an easy build.



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  • DaveJL changed the title to 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, 800 NAS, Op Allied Force, 1999.
On 4/3/2024 at 8:37 AM, Marlin said:

Nice choice Dave. :thumbsup:

This one I'll be following very closely. 


/Bosse :popcorn: :beer:


On 4/5/2024 at 10:03 PM, vppelt68 said:

Welcome, I'm sure this build will jump off your bench quickly! V-P 


On 4/8/2024 at 12:35 PM, modelling minion said:

Nice choice Dave, these Kinetic Harriers can be PITA to build but I'm sure you will get a great result, especially as this isn't your first one.

Thanks all! Hope I get it done this time round! The GBs are coming thick and fast and I may have overcommitted :lol:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally, a start! As always, the ordnance to begin. The kit's AIM-9s are fairly soft in detail so I replaced these with a pair from a Tamiya F-16. The AIM-120s are nicely done and the correct B version of the missile, with the larger rear fins. The fuel tanks needed a good tidy up along the seam, but of course I made a mess of re-scribing some detail so will need to be re done!




Pylons next. More seams to tidy. The Jet Passion BOL rails are excellent.








Not much but we're off.  A set of lovely 3D printed intakes arrived a few weeks back, courtesy of @wellsprop.




Finally, I think I've settled on a serial number, simply because I have a picture of it ... ZE693!




Hoping to get a little done on the cockpit at the weekend.



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  • DaveJL changed the title to 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, 800 NAS, Op Allied Force, 1999. Update 22/04.


On 4/22/2024 at 10:36 PM, modelling minion said:

Off to a good start mate 👍

I like your choice of airframe, especially with the different coloured drop tanks. 

Cheers Craig.  A lot of the FA.2s seemed to carry EDSG tanks and BOL rails.

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  • 2 weeks later...

A little more done on this one, with the cockpit completed. I had to remove the raised bump in the floor to accommodate the Neomega seat. The Quinta set is wonderful as always, but hard to match the cockpit colour of the FA.2. Tamiya XF-54 was used  for the base colour.





As with my FRS.1 build, I found the fit of the intake/cockpit to be poor. So as per the FRS.1, I removed some material on the rear of the tub, prior to adding some etch and paint.




Forgot to take a picture of the undercarriage well , but here it is fitted with the tub! I find the trick to a decent fit is to glue one side of the intake/undercarriage well to the rear of the tub, then when fitting the fuselage halves, you can manipulate the other side to get a good fit.




Main U/C well and airbrake housing ready to fit, the latter with Eduard etch added.  The fit of the former is terrible.




Next job will be to close up the fuselage.



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  • DaveJL changed the title to 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, 800 NAS, Op Allied Force, 1999. Update 12/05.
15 hours ago, modelling minion said:

Nice progress Dave,

Cheers Craig, this one needs to be slow(ish) and relatively steady :lol:

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 5/17/2024 at 1:44 PM, Marlin said:

Looks great Dave. :thumbsup:

I'll enjoy seeing this one get built. 

/Bosse :cheers: 

Thanks Bosse!


Pleased to say this is going pretty well. I closed up the fuselage last week and so this weekend, I was able to get a bit more done. Firstly, the fuselage went together relatively pain free, unlike the FRS.1 I built a couple of years ago.  The only area that needs work is around one side of the airbrake.





The panel behind the cockpit has two horrible sink marks. I was able to add some scrap etch to cover these up. Please excuse the wonky canopy rail down the middle :lol:






Once that was sorted, I added some sprue goo along the seam lines and left overnight. These cleaned up fairly well so I went ahead and added the nose cone, rudder and a few odds and sods. Will need a little re-scribing here and there but generally, not too bad at all.







One thing I've noted from my references is that it looks like SHARs deployed for Allied Force still had the Doppler panels just in front of the forward undercarriage. Kinetic don't provide the decals for this in the FA.2, unlike the FRS.1 so will have to try and source a set of those. Any help there would be handy! 


I set the airframe aside and moved onto the intakes. These are superb, lovely work @wellsprop.




Test fit:




Very nice! My plan is to fit FOD guards, as the intake assembly is a pig to clean up. Luckily, Flying Leathernecks has something suitable:




Some trimming needed:




30 mins or so of sanding the FOD inserts and we're just about there:




A tad more tidy up once the intakes are fitted and we're there. I've also been looking at the lower fuselage. There are two long troughs where the cannon pods would fit:




As I'm fitting LAU-106 launchers for the AMRAAMs under the fuselage, do these troughs need to be removed?


Finally, sad news of the passing of Commander Nigel 'Sharkey' Ward. I know he didn't fly the FA.2, but his son did, so this will be a little tribute to them both. Blue skies Commander.





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  • DaveJL changed the title to 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, 800 NAS, Op Allied Force, 1999. Update 26/05.

More progress and with the help of @NG899 (who has also kindly sent me a set of Doppler panel decals - cheers Nick!) I went ahead and filled in the shallow troughs for the strakes on the undersides. Once done, I went ahead and re-scribed some lost detail. There are a few panels that I've lost completely, but hopefully when the AMRAAMs are fitted one won't notice anyway! I also fitted the main undercarriage doors at this stage, as these appear slightly 'drooped' when powered down.





Moving on and using memories of the FRS.1, I popped in a bit of styrene tube at the rear fuselage join to give it a little support.




I then just went ahead and fitted the intakes. A little PPP at the joins needed but they are a great fit and a massive improvement on the kit parts.






Some more details to add to the fuselage and a few more panels to reinstate, then I'll be ready to get the wings on.


More soon.



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  • DaveJL changed the title to 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, 800 NAS, Op Allied Force, 1999. Update 02/06.
23 hours ago, modelling minion said:

Really nice work on your SHAR Dave, she's coming together nicely despite Kinetic;s best efforts.

Thanks Craig! I'm actually enjoying it, more so as I'm taking is slow I suppose :lol:. Having built the FRS.1 before is maybe helping too!

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A good bit of progress over the last few days. Firstly to the HUD. I needed to add a little styrene sheet to lift up the Eduard part as it was sitting too low in the coaming:




I added the Eduard HUD frame then added a cable from the HUD panel into the coaming, which I'd seen in a few reference shots. I also noticed a panel of some sort to the left of the HUD, so I chopped up a it of resin to replicate this.




The big job was getting the wings fitted. I found sanding the inner mating surfaces a good bit got a better fit. Still not brilliant, but one thing I made a mess of on my FRS.1, was sanding the bottom out of the seams/panel lines at either side of the wing join - these should be here! Just not as pronounced as those that Kinetic leave you with :lol:. A little sanding and some PPP into the joins and we're looking good.







Some PPP also needed on the join on either side of the lower/wing fuselage. Note that I've fitted the two antenna aft of the cockpit at this stage - made it easier to see the areas of the wing join that needed tidied.  Another shot of the front end, with the resin box thing/doofer/whatsit evident.




ZE693 also had the wing root light fitted:




The most tedious part of all this was those pesky etch wing fences! They just don't fit, so some filled needed to sort out the gaps that result. I'm not quite sure why they weren't just moulded to the upper wing part.


Finally, the canopy frame was given some etch treatment, after I stuck the bits to my finger of course. Kinetic suggest you add part E14 to the canopy rail. Now I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure this is the panel that would sit in place of wing root light 🤔




So, I made a fairly rough one from some plastic. You can just about see it!




That's it for now, have some more re-scribing and re-riveting to do then it'll be time to make a start on the paint.


More soon.



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  • DaveJL changed the title to 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, 800 NAS, Op Allied Force, 1999. Update 07/06.
41 minutes ago, modelling minion said:

Very nice work Dave, especially the HUD and coaming. You got a very good fit with the wing, not an easy thing with a Kinetic Harrier.

Cheers Craig! I was surprised myself with the wing. It has definitely gone together better than the FRS.1 :yahoo:

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More done, feels like this one is turning into a bit of a slog! Anyway, wing fences were tidied (awful, awful part of the kit!) and some re-riveting done to the upper fuselage. I then sprayed the coaming and fitted the HUD from the Eduard set and a scrap piece from a Quinta set to the box whatsit that I'd added.





LAU-106 pylons for the AMRAAMs added next. It appears that least the port side pylon was Dark Sea Grey on ZE693, but as dry fitting showed they were such a poor fit, I've had to add them now. If it's easy enough to mask, I'll spay them DSG at a later stage, if not I'll just make do with the Medium Sea Grey!




With some (a lot!) of help and notes from @NG899, I filled in the forward panel line on the 190 combat tanks with some sprue goo as these were not on the real thing.




Rear one tidied up, front one still to be so!


Finally, Nick kindly sent me a replacement IFR probe from the recent Black Dog improvement set (Nick made the masters). The difference between the resin (top) and the kit part is evident:




Will get the windscreen on and masked then can finally get some stuff painted!



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  • DaveJL changed the title to 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, 800 NAS, Op Allied Force, 1999. Update 12/06.
10 hours ago, vppelt68 said:

Excellent job, Dave :thumbsup:. V-P

Thanks V-P!


Finally some painting today, a start on all the little jobs! Firstly, the lovely Aires exhausts and the kit heat shields. Primed, then a squirt of Tamiya Dark Iron, Flory wash and some oils to finish.




Inner canopy frame, with a bit of wire and weathering added:




FOD Guards. From my reference books and an image Nick sent me, these appeared to be some sort of grey colour with a red panel in the middle. So I mixed a little Tamiya XF-54 (Dark Sea Grey) and XF-66 (Light Grey). No idea of the ratios as I just threw them in the pot :lol:. Panels are strips of Tamiya tape sprayed red with the black parts being chopped up decals. Some oils added to replicate grubby hands etc!




Finally, the ejection seat. I had to cut away some detail on the sides to allow it to fit into the tub. Ejection pull is from a scrap Quinta set and the stencils at the sides of the head rests are from the kit.






More work on various sub assemblies next.



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  • DaveJL changed the title to 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, 800 NAS, Op Allied Force, 1999. Update 13/06.

More progress and I'm just about done with the sub assemblies. Various doo das painted up with decals added where needed. ZE693 did have crew names on the front undercarriage doors, however I don't have the correct names so these will be absent.








Sprayed Light Admiralty grey, white wheel hubs then red bits on the outriggers, which appeared to be in place when the jets were parked. I'm assuming some sort of lock or the like. Next up, missiles. All decals from the kit, including the BOL stencils.




Fuel tanks. Sprayed Dark Sea Grey, clarified by @NG899 - I had assumed these were EDSG but they are DSG. Chipping added to the front with some Tamiya XF-4, as per a lot of photos that I've seen, the best probably the below from @Richard E.




The plastic then:





The tanks also appeared to be semi gloss, so I only sprayed a light coat of varnish over them. Finally for now, I added the inner wing pylons as, like the fuselage stations, these were a poor fit. 




Windscreen added. This was also a poor fit, it appeared to be slightly warped so I had to sand it to shape a little and add some PPP around the joins. Hopefully it looks ok under some primer.




Hoping to get some primer on this week.



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  • DaveJL changed the title to 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2, 800 NAS, Op Allied Force, 1999. Update 17/06.

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