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Airfix Tiger Moth in 1/48th Scale.

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Hello again Chums,a little more done.


Jean,thanks old lad.


James,cheers old fruit.


The cooling duct needs to be opened up to match its aperture in the front of the cowling.




I cut through the top and bottom walls next to the cylinders.



The top cut had a packer inserted to push the side wall across to match the intake and the front edge had some filed off it because it was touching the inside of the cowling and couldn't move across.



Yet another offer up looked a lot happier.The top of the duct has to move across further than the bottom and the inside of the cowling will hold the bottom where it should be.



Once the glue had set on the packer I wondered how to fill the cuts.The side next to the cylinders will be covered by the pushrod tube assembly.I cut a couple of strips of masking tape and inveigled them into the duct covering the gaps.



A thick coat of paint will hide the exposed edges well enough,it's dark in there and not very big so it won't be too obvious.



The wheels will need to be painted sometime.My subject doesn't have the dH logo but I'm going to leave them on 'cos I like them.



They are handed to which side they go.I'd like to paint them while still attached to the frame so that I know which one is which.This is made easy by having one of the gates on the flat spot but this lot can't be removed from the frame to clean up the part lines until the adjoining undercarriage strut has been fitted,they are handed too, and I don't want to lose it.Oh the hardship :crying: .



In the meantime it turns out that I don't have to make the pads for the front rims of the cockpits,egads it seems they've thought of everything.



 More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.

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G'day again Chums,some more to show.


I've had a look at how to rig the control wires.There's not much to fix to so a more solid method had to be found.




I scribed slots along the backs of the elevator horns which coincided with 0.4mm holes drilled through the elevator itself.



These are intended to take the thickness of the wire I'm going to use and provide a means of putting a bit of tension on them as well as concealing the fixing method and give a bit of strength to the mounting.Jerried up as above it seems that it might work.



The rudder has two wires per side so I can't use that idea.I've drilled a 0.3mm hole through each control horn instead.



I wanted to assemble the undercarriage before I was going to need it.



The main strut setup is slightly too wide to go into its mounting holes.



The outer ends of the holes were extended a tad so that it would sit in place easily.The whole lot was then temped together and the drag struts glued to the mains.



The remaining rigging eyes have been superglued to the upper wing.



Thanks all for looking in,more soon.

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More tidy work Alex. If I ever get this kit I'm using your thread as my inspiration and 'how to' manual.

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Hello again Chums,some twiddly bits.


Col,cheers old chum.That's a lot to live up to.I must say this one is pleasant to work with and well thought out.


There's nothing at the front end to hang the rudder wires on.I cut a couple of slots through the fuselage and fitted a couple of strips of etched brass fret with a hole drilled through the ends.It's a bit oversize but it'll have to do.




The holes in the fuselage for the elevator wires were located and drilled after consulting @TheKinksFans thread https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235140003-tiger-moth-location-for-control-cables which couldn't have shown up at a better moment.



Fitting the tailplane was on the menu.



There was a little fettling required to push it together easily but there is supposed to be a gap between it and the fuselage.Yet another photo I've forgotten the origin of




The lower wing has been glued on using the upper wing to make sure all was where it should be.



At that point I had a quick look at the tailplane just in case it needed a tweak before it had set.I'm not sure if I've managed to put a twist in the fuselage but there's been a bit of pushing and shoving to make it less noticeable and it'll have to do.



For a bit of light relief the windscreens have been masked.



Cheers all for looking in.

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G'day again Chums,a little more to show.


The less accessible bits have had a coat of silver paint.



The upper wing has been glued on and I've had a bit of a play with the rigging which is,I've found,is not going to be an easy trip.



More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.

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That's coming on nicely. Good luck with the rigging. As a recent convert to biplanes, I'll be interested to see your approach to tackling this voodoo 🧐

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Hello again Chums,yet another change of direction.


Bobby,cheers old fruit.Regrettably this time I'm going to disappoint you.


I've had a right old game trying to rig this one.




I've been using flattened alarm cable wire like I did on my Sea Gladiator build back in 2020




which needs a bit of tensioning up to make it straighten up properly.My little mounting plates aren't fixed strongly enough due to them being tiny and the superglue just doesn't have enough oomph to hold them in place,so they keep coming adrift.I'm not about to take the upper wing off so that I can drill lots of through holes to do the job.I'm going to finish this one without the rigging and the next attempt will have a different approach to the job.


Thanks all for looking in,more soon.

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