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Revell Schnellzuglokomotive BR 01

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18 hours ago, Bobby No Mac said:

For the wheels I used my trusty Helix circle template


Smart idea! Worth copying if I get your ©️


18 hours ago, Bobby No Mac said:

There's a noticeable difference between the red over the pink primer and the red over the silver..


I just made the same experience with my yellow wings over white primer and over white (unprimed) plastic surface... Just a small colour variance.


Great progress btw!




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So I signed off last time saying I was going to overlook the bright red for now ... but then I had a rethink regarding the chassis, reasoning that it would be easier to apply some grime at this stage, rather attempting it later when the wheels and metalwork is attached. I mixed XF-85 rubber black with a few drops of XF-10 flat brown, heavily thinned it with X-20a and gave the chassis a light spray.




That's definitely toned it down a lot better to my eyes. I also gave some of the other red bits a blast of grime.




And while I had the black out, I painted the front bogie and control panel cab interior to detail up later.





Work moved onto the tender with the chassis assembly.






Then it was a case of building up the sides - a delicate operation as the locating tabs are quite feeble - but it went together without any major drama.






Not decided whether to go with the moulded coal or a more convincing alternative. Do railway modellers still use mashed up real coal these days?








                   🐑   🐑




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25 minutes ago, Pig of the Week said:

I'd be inclined to use a more realistic coal load tbh, I think you can get quite decent stuff from model railway sources designed for the purpose, if you don't fancy bashing coal with a hammer 😁

I do! Fortunately one lump goes a very long way because it's not as easy to find as it used to be!!

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On 29/03/2024 at 20:43, Bobby No Mac said:

I was enjoying it so much I bought another off T'Bay for next year's railway GB:




This one's got 20 wheels and, inexplicably, FOUR domes; so it may test my resolve!

The frontmost “dome” provides a mounting for the clack valves from the injector and feedwater heater. All the DR Einheits locos had this feature in their original condition.





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On 23/04/2024 at 20:27, Mjwomack said:

Fortunately one lump goes a very long way because it's not as easy to find as it used to be!!


This does conjure up images of desperate railway modellers approaching dodgy characters on street corners in search of their next fix of "soot" or "Scargill" :D

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10 minutes ago, Bobby No Mac said:


This does conjure up images of desperate railway modellers approaching dodgy characters on street corners in search of their next fix of "soot" or "Scargill" :D

As I recall, back in the 1980's when my rail layout was still operational I bought several bags of "plastic coal" to fill my rake of merry-go-rounds. Bit easier and cleaner than real coal and easy to fix with PVA glue.



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Right, moving on. Front bogie assembled:




The mammoth sanding and polishing mission on the boiler is nearly over. To simplify matters it was easier to sand away some of the raised detail on top of the 'domes' and replace them with circles of plastic card.










Those 'circles' are not exactly perfect circles, but they'll do.


Smokebox door and some gubbins on the sides glued in.




Then it was time to fling some primer around. Mr Surfacer 1000 for the loco parts, the wonderful Mr Mahogany Surfacer 1000 for the track.




As is always the way, the primer managed to show up some sloppy filling that went unnoticed




Back out with the files, sticks and sanding paper then.


Hopefully I'll be able to get the black out next weekend.






             🦆      🦩




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  • 2 weeks later...

Painted with Tamiya semi gloss black with a few drops of blue just to knock it back from pure black:




There's a hint of a ghost seam just behind the chimney and some faint traces of filler in the nooks and crannies but I'm going to turn a blind eye and let it slide.


Cylinders on:




Running plate mounted to the chassis:




Some crude and overzealous dry-brushing over the dials and controls:




Controls added to the boiler:




Boiler glued into position:




Cab sides and roof on:




And just when things were going so well, I noticed this gap on the other side.




By the looks of it, something has gone awry with the fitting of the cab side part. I'm going to ponder whether to prise off the roof and side parts and try again or just fill it... :hmmm:


While I'm nit-picking, the running plate on the right isn't exactly flat:




I didn't mention it at the start, but the part was a little warped, I had hoped that it would conform when glued to the chassis – and it has to some extent, but not fully.


Apart from these little gripes, it's not looking too shabby.






             🦖      🦕


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Posted (edited)

I went with prising off the roof and cab side which, to cut a long story short, did not go well :wall:


Despite an afternoon fettling, trimming, sanding and test fitting, I couldn't get it to fit properly.




If anything, I think the gap was worse :doh:


So, Plan C - time to fudge it. I used a thin strip of plastic card to cover the gap and gently sanded it to try and blend it in. The two gaps above the front windows was crudely filled with plastic putty.




I wasn't 100 per cent convinced, but it was time to move on and let it be. And once it was painted, it didn't look too bad...




Not perfect by any means, but I'll have to chalk it up as a lesson for the next one I build.


While I had the paint out I got all greebles sprayed black.




Another job I'd been putting off was the red lining on the side rods/valve gear. At first I tried laboriously masking each piece, but realised that free handing Vallejo flat red with a brush and then wiping away the excess with a cotton bud moistened in acrylic thinner did the job soooooo much easier.





Onto the tender. Having decided to go with filling it with real coal, I needed to replicate the doors?/gates?/retaining plates? that prevents all the coal sliding into the cab.




It was two rectangles of plastic card glued to together and gently bent into shape, with two tabs added to help fix it to the tender.




Speaking of coal, I managed to find a dealer and scored a sachet of Welsh gold...




That's the good stuff!


Thoughts have also turned to how display it...




I got a strip of pinewood from B&Q and some Peco fine grade ballast. The wood was cut to match the track length and sprinkled with a fine layer of plaster of Paris to give it some texture. It was given a coat of Tamiya buff.




Then onto the ballasting, which I have to say was strangely enjoyable (I used to hate it back in the day as it used to take forever on a layout, not so long on this short strip).




I used this stuff to fix it down and it was a revelation:





The matt finish really helps a lot. I remember using watered down PVA back in the day it resulted in very shiny ballast if you weren't careful.


Back to the loco and the wheels are on.




They're just pressed into place for now as I'm anticipating some adjustment will be needed when it comes to attaching the metalwork.


Not far to go now 🙂


     🌨️ 🌨️  🌨️  🌨️  🌨️




Edited by Bobby No Mac
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We're going like the clappers now...


Brakes fitted for the driving wheels:




Then on to the really fun part - adding all the rods and valve gubbins...




... which actually wasn't as fiddly as I was expecting and only a couple of holes needed a little enlarging to fit together.






Note to self: Need to touch up the red near the cab.


Smoke deflectors on. 




Base weathered up with some lightly sprayed with black browns and brown blacks. Rails initially brush painted with Revell enamel steel, but that was rubbish, so resorted to Humbrol acrylics.




Back to the loco, stickers on. I went with what I'm presuming is the earlier scheme as there are fewer decals (none of the overhead powerline warning symbols).




Just need to add the buffers and gubbins to the front and then onto the weathering.






                   :penguin:     :penguin:

          :penguin:      :penguin:








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  • 3 weeks later...

And there we have it:




The weathering was mainly Flory Dark Dirt and Grime washes with a few drops of the Grey added here and there. I prodded and manipulated them with damp brushes and cotton buds to attempt some streaking effects. Some thinned Abteilung Engine Grease was applied around the valve gear. All that was left was to fill the tender with coal and now she's ready to steam into the gallery.


You could say I'm really quite chuffed how this one has turned out. The left side is definitely its best side, from the right the warped parts does make it look a tad wonky. There were plenty of lessons learned and I enjoyed building it. I'm looking forward to tackling another one for the railway GB next year. I also liked making the base which has got me thinking about a vignette side project as well.


Many thanks to @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @Col. for hosting this excellent adventure into a lesser modelled era, it's been a fascinating and educational journey watching everyone's builds. Best of luck getting your projects into the gallery.


Until next time, 






 🧍‍♀️🚶‍♀️ 🕺🏃‍♂️🕺 🧍‍♀️🚶‍♀️🧎🏃‍♂️



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