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Welcome and group Build rules.

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                               Group Build




      Hello Everyone... Welcome to the Golden Age of Transport group build. This build is open to any mode of transport operated between the years of 1918 and 1939. To be specific November 12 1918 through August 31st of 1939. This is a beautiful era of transportation. This will include anything built prior to 1918 and still being used in this time. It will also include anything being prototyped leading up to WW2. As well as anything built and operated during this time or in World War Two. Some good examples would be the Spitfire or Bf.109. Please remember its more about the journey than finishing so enjoy yourselves this is a hobby. 

          This will cover anything transport (wheeled vehicles, trains, ships, and aircraft) related. Starting from 12 November 1918, 24 hours after the Armistice went into effect. Vehicles of any sort will be allowed up to 24 hours prior to September 1st 1939. Any mode of transport used, designed, or operated in this time frame. This would include World War One transportation or aircraft still being used in this timeframe. Also includes anything that was into the advanced testing phase or in use as of August of 1939. I will include anything built in this period still in operation after 1939 so a bi-plane used during WW2 or a car still in use in 1950. A steam or diesel locomotive still in use after the 1939 date. Not to stop there there are tramp steamers built in this eta still in use into the 60’s-70’s-80’s. Please check with myself it Col. to see about eligibility 

        This build does include civilian aircraft and all modes of transport types as well. Want to build a Spirit of St.Louis or maybe Amelia Earhart’s aircraft those both count. All civilian airliners (think Boeing Clipper) used in this era would count. The aircraft used by explorers such as Admiral Byrd also qualify. Not to mention any civilian types that were pressed into military service in places like Spain, Ethiopia, and China among other locations.
        I have decided to add all modes of travel so the options are now expanded to. Automotive, Aviation, Tractors, Railroad, Ships, and Armor of the period. Please ask if you have questions, I will research it and let you know if it qualifies. One offs and odd examples greatly encouraged to be built. If there is an written example, blueprint, or a prototype of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship I will pretty much allow it.



1. A 'WiP' thread for each model with regular updates showing your progress within the GB timescale is required. 

As in all group builds any kit are allowed. Of course all scales, mediums, aftermarket, and other goodies will also be allowed. 

2. The 25% rule is only a guideline for the build. If you have a model on the shelf of shame or in that drawer of doom. Even if it is more than the 25% you may build it/finish it in the build. I only ask that you only enter those builds in the inspiration gallery. 

3. Please keep comments within these threads respectful. If you can't be nice then please be quiet.

4. If you have any issues with anything or anyone please bring it to Col. or Myself. We will attempt to resolve them. If this fails Enzo Matrix or another Moderator will get involved. 

5. A gallery is available for the display of un-started models completed within the GB timescale. Please limit the number of photos to five for each subject.
6. There is also an inspiration gallery for previous builds of your transportation from the era. You may also place builds that were more than 25% started here. 

7. No Buying, Selling, or trading in the threads. There are dedicated locations for this. Positively no exceptions !

8. Do not hesitate to ask questions about anything, we will try to get you an answer as soon as I can. 

9. Last but definitely not least, Please have fun, finishing is always nice but not important. We want you to enjoy your time here in the group build. 


                  Thank you and welcome 

                            Dennis & Col. 

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