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The Golden Age Of Transport Inspiration Gallery

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Inspiration of a sort:




This is a twenty minute promotional film 'about' air travel. To call it a luxury trade would smack of understatement. Worth the time.





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First up, a couple of air racers in 1/32 scale, both Williams Brothers kits.


Halls Bulldog

Halls Bulldog

Laird Super Solution

Laird Super Solution


Next up a couple of US Navy Yellow Wings. Again both in 1/32.


Boeing F4B (Hasegawa)

Boeing F4B-4


Grumman F3F (Revell)

Grumman F3F



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From a recent groupbuild -


Kawasaki  Ki-10  'Perry'

2nd Daitai  1st Chutai   Tianjin, China   1937/38

Lt. Kosuke Kawahara, 3rd Shotai Leader





A conversion from Fine Molds’ Model 2 to Model 1.

More pictures in the gallery here.


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I've built a few that would fit right in to this excellent category 👍. My o my, where do I start 😀??

Well, here's the Delage D8 by Heller first up,





Somebody mention Amelia's planes? I did the Lockheed L10 Electra, although not finished as her's but as theTCA restored plane. 



I see that @stevej60 has got an Academy F3F lined up. Nice....! Very enjoyable build...


And the little Airfix trackside Scammel Scarab, still in production by Dapol products...


So cool that I did 2 of 'em, dumped the silly watneys barrels and made a depot scene, all inside a supermarket profiteroles packaging display box. I had to eat the profiteroles first, which is a bit of a Win-win situation 😅 

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This is a Martin YB-10 on its earliest use by the Army Air Corps, flying air mail from Oakland, California to Newark, New Jersey in the spring of 1934, when the Army had taken over after Post Office contracts with private aviation firms were cancelled.












It's a Williams Bros. 1/72 kit, with some small alterations (air scoops and exhausts) to represent the initial trials batch.


Here's link to full thread, which includes an account of the whole Air Mail fiasco.







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