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1/32 Roden Albatros DIII OAW

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Dear all,

After several attempts at getting the paint scheme sorted, some pictures of my completed Roden Albatros DIII OAW.

This scheme is the most demanding one I have undertaken to date.   It is not helped by the fact that the colour/marking diagram in the instructions are not to scale.   I only found this out as I started to do it.   If you line up where the drawing shows you on one part of the aircraft, it will not line up further along.   After many frustrating attempts I settled for the version you see here.   Therefore, the scheme is not 100% accurate and there are a few errors in terms of line distancing and size.   This was the best I could achieve unfortunately .......  In any case, searching on Google has revealed that for the few that have done this scheme, all have errors as well so that made me feel a bit better!

To paint (as you mostly know I am a brush painter) I used masking tape to give me a straight line to draw (pencil) the line I needed.   I then removed tape and followed these drawn lines carefully with my brush and touched up as required.    Painting therefore took a lot of time on this one.

Model completed with the following:

Eduard PE set (not all parts used);
White metal cabane struts and tail skid;
Hollowed out gun muzzles and exhaust opening;
Some basic detailing to engine and cockpit;
Used a WNW wind screen filed to approx shape;

Fine copper wire wraped around undercarriage axel to represent bungee cord

Rigging accomplished using 0.11 mm fishing line for bracing wires and fine knitting/sewing elastic for control cables.

Displayed on base with Elan resin pilot figure.

Completed scheme represents Obltn. Josef Loeser, Jasta 39, Italian front summer 1917.
























Anyway, I hope it is reasonable.



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Fantastic work!! The Albatross was a very sleek design for the era and you've finished yours nicely. The base and figure just top it off. Very well done all around.



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It's more than reasonable Dave, it's a stunner! As always, it is seriously impressive that you brush paint, it looks flawless.

Love the prop too, and the base with the figure on it!





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Words do not adequately describe just how good that is: not quite flawless but about as close as it gets. The finish including the slight weathering is excellent. The figure and base turn this into a mini-masterpiece.



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