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Taiwanese CM-34 Clouded Leopard, light green colour match


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Dose anyone have any suggestion with regards to a match for the light green on this vehicle?  AFV Club list it as Russian Green (1) and list it as LifeColor UA 258 4BO Flashed shade, but I feel the colour is to dark and not green enough, I next looked at Vallejo Eau de Nil but this was to light and not green enough I have tried matching it for over 12 months and the closet I have got is Citadel Nurling Green, any suggestion will be gratefully appreciated.



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You might find something in this thread 😉



From the colours mentioned in that thread, I daresay Modo/Neo M-522 might be the one you're looking for, especially if you’re after a ‘freshly-applied’ look.





I do like your choice of Nurgling Green, which I reckon imparts a good ‘slightly used’ and weathered look, but it does seem to lack that brightness factor!






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Thanks for the reply, read through the attached thread and realised that it has been almost 2 years of p*ssing about with the colour as suggested in the other thread I might just get a bottle of the Modo M-522 just to add to my growing collection of odd shades of green.

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