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Meng Rolls Royce Armoured Car Desert Patrol Vignette

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Hi everyone,


Please allow me to present my vignette featuring the 1/35 Meng Rolls Royce Armoured Car finished in a North African setting,


The scene features the old Hornet North Africa British Soldier and the Officer figure from the Mini Art British Armoured Car set. Both were painted using oils. Probably for total accuracy there should be a third figure but I left it at just the two.


The base is a 4cm deep block of foam which was topped with AK Desert sand and various stones and scrub. The little humps of uneven ground were fashioned from lumps of Das Pronto modelling clay.


The kit features resin replacement wheels from DEF Model but aside from that the model is entirely OOB.


This was constructed through the Summer and Autumn of 2023 and was entered into the Competition at the Glasgow Modelfest Show.


It didn't win.


The pictures are below and I hope you enjoy looking.









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I think this would be an RAF car from No2 Company.  11th Hussars were the only Army R-R users in N Africa but had 1924 Pattern cars re-fitted with a locally-built open-topped turret.  RAF No1 Company had the R-R Fordson conversions.

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On 3/2/2024 at 11:33 AM, Kingsman said:

RAF No1 Company had the R-R Fordson conversions.

It is possibly a bit of a hybrid, in that, while the turret may be incorrect, the wheels are correct for a RR but not a Fordson afaik. Are we sure that all the II Hussars cars had the modified turret?


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