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Here we go again. Are you sitting comfortably?

back in October at the Lincoln model show, I was taking a slow march around the tables in the company of @general melchett.

Under one of the tables I spied a Revell Rotodyne box, the reissue one, up for a tenner. I'd wanted one for some time, so...

Of course this won't be built as intended. But then you knew that didn't you?


In one of the Star Wars films a sort of flying bus lands and out steps Ewan Mc Gregor. Hmmm

A couple of years ago at the car boot I picked up a display type pod racer for a quid. Hmmm



The disassembled pod racer. I've wanted to use the engines on something since I bought it.

But, I thought they may not be space going engines, hence the pod racer use. All I needed was a suitable fuselage...



How to disguise the fuselage source? Well, I had this 1/32nd P-38 nose piece.. So I sawed off the Rotodyne nose. A bit.

The nose cone was slightly too narrow, so I sanded down the fuselage halves at the front to fit. But it was then under strain.



So it also got sawn behind the door and card inserted . Much better.

You can see here the start of trial fitting fairings, 



The main rotor fairing had to go, of course. These two black bits are ex SR-71.



This will not be a bus, but a fast planet bound freighter. Sort of a much much faster DAF 7 1/2 tonner.

Here I'm starting to fill in the windows. There's a 1mm card backing plate glued inside them. Filler has since been used.

The card inserts seen here save filler and mean that when sanded I should get a fairly smooth finish. The rivets are going too!

The fuselage half locating pins were hopeless. I've added card tabs like on a vacform for strength.



And, just to prove that I do like the Aircraft. This hangs in the manshed. Rescued from a Calendar almost 40 years ago!

The original is signed Hardy and dated 1984. A lovely picture IMHO.


Obviously more is to come. I hope you were able to follow my ramblings and will return sometime soon.

If only to try and make more sense of what I'm trying to do here.

Given the weather, there could be an outdoor bar by then. Who ordered the cheeseburgers from the barbie?

Comments and a more exotic cheese in the burgers are always welcome. Cheers, Pete


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''Did someone say Fairey?'' asks Darling, his interest piqued. Another wonderful 'inLincs' production is underway, hoorah. I'm sure the result will be something to behold, young Pete. The old Rotodyne lends itself to so many ideas: land, sea, air, and space. You can even build it as a compound gyrodyne..I know, mad!


It doesn't seem like five minutes since we were floricking hand in hand, singing boisterously amongst the trade stands and SIG tables at the Lincoln show. How time flies.



Comments and a more exotic cheese in the burgers are always welcome.


Baldrick says if it's not too much trouble, he'd like a couple of slices of Vieux-Boulogne (more commonly known as 'Trenchfoot') with a side order of rotted haggis, garnished with a bucket of over-boiled mature cabbage in fish sauce. The latrine is optional.



I hope you were able to follow my ramblings.


Nope, but I'm sure it'll become as clear as mud as we move on.....tallyho:hobbyhorse:

Edited by general melchett
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Good to have you along on this one Mon General. The cheque is in the post. Plain brown envelope eh? That's the drill. Carry on, as you were. Yoiks tiddly boo, what?

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I can't think of a reason to not do a Friday update. So without further adoo doo, I'll put up some pictures.



here's what's going to happen under what remains of the Rotodyne wings (sawn in half).

Bristol Superfreighter struts and fairings plug into halves of drilled jerrycan on the yellow landing pads. The source of which I can't remember.



The wings will then snuggle up to the engines. More or less as seen here.



Despite my best efforts with filler etc the windows still showed up faintly after rubbing down.

So I've gone for a sort of exoskeleton structure. Card and card strip. This is the left front.



And the left back. Earth aerodynamics don't seem to apply in a universe far far away, so I'll take advantage of that.



Meanwhile, in the cockpit. Most of this will jut out into the clear 'bubble'. We have various bits and a seat from a P-61 Black Widow.

Slide the seat back, swivel it around and sit down. Simples. Unfortunately I don't have a suitable 1/72nd figure to fill it.



The funky instrument console is just bits and bobs cobbled together. Footrests are a bit of tank track.



The Rotodyne had a two part door. I'm keeping the lower half as 'air stairs'. And I've modded a Sea King door to slide over the hole.

This afternoon I've been poking around at the engines, and will probably paint bits of them this weekend. They're way too toy like as is.

The fuselage halves aren't joined yet. The floor has to go in first. That might happen too. We shall see. 

In the meantime, I hope you've seen something you like. Or if you need something explaining then please get in touch at the usual address.

Have a great weekend, and happy modelling. Pete




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Ok, this is just brilliant! Am very much looking forward to the completed build!

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Hi Pete. This is coming along nicely. Interested to see the finished product, in your own time of course, can't rush an artiste.



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I'm going to be away from the bench this weekend down in Leicester doing family stuff (Did you remember it's Mothering Sunday?).

So, Here's a little update to keep anyone who is interested going until the next time. 



The fuselage is now one piece. It put up a struggle, but elastic bands and clamps beat it in the end.

With some trimming this morning, the nose bubble more or less fits. A little more fettling later on should see things right.



Thanks to Slaters for their plastic strip, I managed to set more of the exoskeleton style on the winglets.

Tedious, but with a new No11 blade and TET I got there. The legs are also glued on.

You may notice I added some fixed slats (ex WW2 German Aircraft) to the leading edges. 

I know what I said earlier about Star Wars aerodynamics but given the scale, the leading edges would be very thick.

So I slapped these on and visually they look a bit more like you could get some speed (and lift) up.

The round yellow thing on the trailing edge here? Not sure. A lift device maybe?

But, we have an intake on the top of the wing and this looked sufficiently weird to fit in with it somehow.



Sunday was 'lets see what we can do to the engines day). German grey with stipples of a pale grey over that horrid orange plastic.

I think now they are more 'Hey guys! Look what I found on the old Military dump!'

There's also a fair amount of Tamiya smoke here to bring out the details. 

This is the bottom of the engine. That grille in the middle is ex AFV. There was a rudimentary (toy) clear plastic u/c leg there before.



And this will be the outer side of the engines. Not sure if I've gone too far with the 'marbling effect'.

I might try a bit of micromesh to dull it down a bit?



Just to prove that they both look about the same. I left that stripe of the orange plastic on purpose. Why? No idea.

Busy with Grandkids tomorrow and Thursday so unsure whether anything will get done. We'll see.

In the meantime, Many thanks for looking and I hope my efforts have tickled your imagination a bit. 

Instructions? Hah! Making it up as you go along is where it's at, Baby! Positive waves!


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I had a long weekend away so no modelling :sad: But I got some done this morning. So here's an update for you.



The landing gear, as it was wasn't long enough so I did a revamp job. 



I think they were bomb fins. The A/C belly now clears the ground. probably a good idea.



And this one will go under the tail. The swivel part was a tank exhaust.



Meanwhile, on the spine. Much filing and fitting resulted in the SR-71 parts being glued on and Milliputted.

The seam underneath got Milliput applied too. It never did line up properly.



Is this dragging on or what? A mushroom is growing on the tail. Actually ex Apache I think.

Quite what it's purpose would be I'm not sure but it adds interest to a boring back end.

I'm gradually building up the front end so that I can line up the cockpit bubble but it all needs to dry thoroughly first.

And that's your lot for this time I'm afraid. Thanks for looking. As always, comments on a saucy seaside postcard to the Russian Embassy. Ta


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1 hour ago, Hunter Rose said:

that apache radar part is always a great kitbashing piece! 

Unfortunately the only one I have. It was in a box of bits box donations. I think from @Alfisti a while ago.

They're probably available in resin. I'll have to keep them in mind. I wasn't sure it would work, but thanks for the confirmation.

Cheers, Pete

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Time for a cheeky little end of weekend update. Progress has been very good. So here we go with the visuals.



There was a bit of a problem to be solved in that the edge of the fuselage and the edge of the bubble were both fairly thin.

The solution came to me in the middle of the night and here it is. I cut down a section of old Revell 1/32nd P-38 wing and made this ring.

It's good thick hard plastic. So this is now the forward frame of the craft and gives me lots of surface area without looking out of place.



Next was to build up the fuselage behind it with a section of a drop tank and bits of card.



And gobs of Humbrol filler which I left to dry overnight.



Ta Daaaa! Filler rubbed down and bubble taped into place for the pictures. Just as I thought it would look.



Even the other side works too. 



I've since added a thin square length of plastic card around the outside of the rear of the bubble.

This makes it the same size as the forward frame. I used TET and, thank goodness, it didn't wick up onto the bubble itself.

There may still be a minor bit of rubbing down to do around the frame, but we're definitely getting there.

After letting it all dry I, coated the bubble in Kleer floor polish and I'm happy with the result.

I've also found some decals to go on it. They're old so may not work, but should look okay if they do.

I'm still not sure what colour to paint it!


Many thanks for looking. Have a great week. Your comments, as always, are very welcome. Pete


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I was checking the kit reviews today and saw the one from Mike about the Rotodyne kit reissue from AIrfix.  That brought back memories of the build Nigel did in what was more than 10 years ago, but really doesn't seem that far away.  I then get to the end of the review and there is a comment from you about you building the same kit.  (Of course I have this in my stash and someday I will try to pay tribute to Nigel's build with my own.)  However, your build is a bit different from the normal build of this kit.  I like what you are trying to do here and even though I cannot get the concept pictured as a whole in my mind of what the finished product may be, it is interesting to watch your progress.  I am always amazed at how you can view things that seem totally random and without association and make them go together.  The bits of a pod racer, the cockpits parts from a P-61, the fuselage of a Rotodyne, the radome of an Apache; not something most people would go "Those seem like they should fit cohesively together."  Look forward to more of your installments and the finished product.

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3 hours ago, georgeusa said:

The bits of a pod racer, the cockpits parts from a P-61, the fuselage of a Rotodyne, the radome of an Apache; not something most people would go "Those seem like they should fit cohesively together."  Look forward to more of your installments and the finished product.

Thanks, George. I hope you are well.

Years of building Maschinen Kreiger have helped me to look at things in a similar way to the Sensei, Kow Yokoyama. The man who started it all.

Almost anything will go with anything to make a craft that could maybe operate in space or on a planet.

For me the thing is, it must look like it should work. Kreiger or star wars, It matters not. I'm a techie.

This Craft is a re-engined transport from the Star Wars universe however. On Tatooine perhaps.

Moisture farms are plentiful. They'll need lengths of pipe, Supplies, etc, hauling out into the deserts.

Big area. Lots to do, You need speed. Think UPS Dragster.

A long fuselage with plenty of lifting power would suit the bill.

To paraphrase Blazing Saddles, 'We don't need no steenkin' instructions'. 

I'm having lots of fun. And the best thing is,no one can say it's the wrong shade of grey or whatever.

Positive waves, Baby!

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Hi Pete. More amazing work, and impressed at how much mileage you get out of those Revell P-38 kits, more power to you.



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Found it, must be that magic tea of yours....🍵, after 10 years on the forum I have finally set my notifications so I don't embarrass myself by turning up late...:party:.

Nice work as ever and what a way to use the old Rotordyne kit; push it into the future by several hundred years.


I know I said it yesterday, although your builds look good on here they look even better in the flesh.


Dandy work old bean!

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9 minutes ago, Head in the clouds. said:

Dandy work old bean!

Thanks, Gary. That bag of bits/figures is now in the post.

And I'm having fun cutting all those parts off the sprues and filing them in the correct boxes!

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