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F203 - Canberra Mk.8/12


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Hello everyone!


This is my first foray into the Group Build area for a good while - I particularly enjoyed the OG Frog GB. I will not be able to be as prolific in this GB, but I am keen to say that I have sourced this beauty for the princely sum of £5!




My dad even dug out a sky base for me! Albeit broken, the plastic has embrittled over the years, but easily fixed! My dad recalls that they never used to be particularly poseable, having nicked some oil to ensure smooth movement of the ball and socket joint!


Box contents are pristine:



Even more pleasantly surprising is that the 50 year old decals look very much usable:



Can’t wait to get started! But will have to wait until my model club D-Day build has been complete. 





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Welcome aboard Ash, always great to see Frog's Canberra.

It's a lovely kit, a little basic in some areas, however adding the additional detail is what makes these kits so much fun. 

Cheers and best of luck.. Dave. 

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