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Source of Round Adhesive Gems for Landing Lights


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Hi all,


I managed to find a few rounded/domed silver adhesive gems (about 2.5mm in diameter) amongst the papercraft stuff my partner has.


I found that, when removed and after having the adhesive peeled off, this make excellent landing lights.


Unfortunately I cannot find another source for these. I went into hobbycraft and picked up these yesterday https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/silver-adhesive-gems-148-pack/6557561000.html However, these are not quite right as they are geometric and not rounded/domed.


Does anyone know where I can find what I am after?




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If you have a punch and die set you can make your own, some UV glue and some suitable foil from food packaging is a good source for the base. Punch out the size you need and and a drop of UV glue, cure it and job jobbed. 

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