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75mm Peter Parker (Tom Holland) - [WiP]

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Really enjoying these little 75mm figures.  Next up to the table is this one I'm painting for my eldest daughter, who is obsessed with Tom Holland.  It was listed on Ebay as "Handsome Boy" :)


Stock picture from the listing



Printed in one solid piece for the figure, and a separate base, it looks pretty nice with minimal tidy up required



One of the backpack strap ends has snapped off, but it was still in the packaging.



Its about 5mm long and I'm not hopeful of getting it to stay attached if I glue it, but I'll try once I've washed, primed, and sanded any nubbins off.  See how it goes.

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So I decided to treat myself to a proper wet palette as my home made one wasn't great, after a couple of days too much water had leeched through and made the paint very runny.  That and a fresh cutting mat which is always nice




I forgot to photo the first wave of primer, but after a round of sanding and re-priming I have the following






There is a faint horizontal line still remaining across the middle of his torso and biceps (if you can call them that :D).  This was very visible to the naked eye, but now only visible on close up photos so I'm happy with it and won't risk anymore sanding.  Its had a coat of white primer now as I want the colours to 'pop' a little, he is primarily a comic book character after all.  But I hope to do some shading etc to give it depth in the creases etc.


Unsure as yet what colour to do his shoes.  I was going to go with off-white, like white trainers that have got grubby over time.  Still thinking on that one.

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