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More Stargrave Troopers 28mm

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Some more of my box of 20 Stargrave troopers, this time helmetless and with a different colour scheme. Designated squad 7.














Squad 7 & 4  working together. 







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6 minutes ago, Yg Models said:

firepower of squad 7 is higher.


i always paint in matt finish, you prefer satin?


7 has anti-tank capability, 5 is anti-infantry.


they are actually finished in vallejo Matt varnish which as I've said before is actually satin, I don't use it for armoured vehicles anymore.


I prefer it for their shiny sci-fi armour I did think about quickly doing the heads with some ak ultra Matt which is a proper Matt finish. 


mini painting allows me to use up some products I don't want to use for scale modelling anymore, well that was the plan but I've caught myself doing stuff like using lacquer thinned Mr surfacer to undercoat a space marine.

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