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Re-2000 Fuselage Band width

Bruce Archer

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HI All!

    I am trying to finish a Special Hobby 1/48th scale Re-2000. Things were were going fine until I realized I do not know how wide the white fuselage band is on the Re-2000, and most Italian fighters of WWII.

     So can someone tell me how wide the white band is?





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Special Hobby has the fuselage band illustrated in their instructions, unless you are looking to confirm from other sources the dimensions?


You could measure the width on the rudder and use that  -  all the red squares in the below image are identical.



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Please note that the width seems perfect in the SH instructions and also its placement on the fuselage on no. 8. Other Falcos could be seen with the band slightly more to the rear, the rear edge placed just at the end of the hump. Check your references. 

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The "official" specified width was 600 mm for the fuselage band (also for nose bands when they were used). Rounding a bit, you get:

+ 4.2 mm in 1/144 scale

+ 8.3 mm in 1/72 scale

+ 12.5 mm in 1/48 scale

+ 18.8 mm in 1/32 scale

+ 25.0 mm in 1/24 scale


How closely this was followed on various machines in real life - who knows! One does see variations in pics, such as when features of the aircraft served as reference points (Macchi C.202's often aligned each edge of the fuselage band with an access hatch, for example, which points were slightly less than 600 mm apart).


All that being said...Angelo Brioschi's superb 1/48 profiles in the classic Ali e Colori no. 6 on Reggiane fighters show the bands at:

+ 12.5 mm on the Re.2000

+ 11.0 mm on the Re.2001

+ 12.5 mm on the Re.2002

+ 13.0 mm on the Re.2005


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