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*** FINISHED *** Another B-25 Mitchell - 1/32 Hong Kong Models

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Hi All


I'm straight back into the breach to go again, I said I'd attempt to build one of each when these were separate Axis/Allied group builds and I fully intended to maintain that once they got merged. I'm hopeful of getting a third in as well, but lets see how this goes first. I only really build one big thing at a time, I only build little things alongside an aircraft (because I'm a 1/32 nutter) or a ship - the alternative is that things never get finished, my USS Alabama is on pause while I'm on the group build.


So onto this one, I know there's a fair few B-25's in the GB already, so I'm adding another and I'm going big as usual, I don't have much in smaller scales (a few bombers that would be ridiculous in 1/32 - I'd buy them though if a kit exists). Here she is:




There's a lot of plastic inside as you'd expect




I've already made a start on some of the internal bits and bobs, turret parts and the cockpit floor




And some PE seatbelts and the flight yoke added. The rest of the cockpit gets built later in the instructions for some reason




And I've made a start on the bombs and the bomb bay - lots of lovely looking detail that no doubt will mostly be invisible after it's put together.




That's all for now, welcome aboard anyone who wants to watch :) 

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On 2/14/2024 at 11:35 AM, MRMRL said:

lots of lovely looking detail that no doubt will mostly be invisible after it's put together.

That's why 1/32 is so much fun - all the work for the builder, no payoff for the observer 😂

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8 hours ago, Alan P said:

That's why 1/32 is so much fun - all the work for the builder, no payoff for the observer 😂


I agree, although if you don't fog the windows, they're often big enough to allow you to turn the model into the light and see in to some details, impossible to photograph though.

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Right, this is a big update - I've had some issues with the google embedding photos page and not been able to create the links all week (I think it might be a time of day thing, I haven't been able to log on a the usual time this week). That and I had a couple of days off and managed to squeeze some extra building in around the DIY and other life admin bits I was doing. So lets crack on while its all working :)


First up, I've done a bit more building - front and back of the bomb bay and the interior sides of the fuselage




And the rear gunners position, the cockpit parts (not fixed at present) and the tail - only because I couldn't be bothered to start painting that evening ;)




Then, out came the airbrush and like the hulk we're now all green




Followed by detail painting of the various sub-assemblies: main turret mount




Rear gunner - really needs a wash to tone down the Aluminium




And the bomb bay - I've used photos from google for the painting on this (the instructions are just green) - there does seem to be some variety for painting here, so I've tried to reflect the "average", and its going to disappear for the most part soon anyway




And the bombs are also painted. There's no decals for these and the call out in the instructions are for plain green as well, so again, I've taken some guidance from general pictures and added the stripes (by hand as a I couldn't face masking off all those lines)




A whole mass of panel line wash later and I've ended up here:




Which I'm pretty happy with to be fair. And here's the transition for the bomb bay where that all starts to get hidden, bombs go in...




and then it all gets buttoned up.




Inside of fuselage painted - bit of artistic license here I'm afraid, limited call outs again




More wash and the internals mounted (cockpit aside)




Finally, some painting completed for the cockpit as well - a mixture of artistic license and photo aggregating here as well, I think a lot of the cockpit photos I could find are for modern restorations, so I've been going off black and white photos and interpreting the colours as best as I can without spending too long researching - its not my way ;) 






And that's it for the bumper update, hopefully my next update (Monday) will have a completed interior fuselage in it. See you next time






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More progress from the weekend. I've pretty much finished the interior now. Here's how the cockpit is shaping up...








And here's the whole fuselage now that it has been joined together - there's a little filling needed, but its a pretty good fit overall. No complaining from me :)




Marching on, one wing mostly assembled, nothing overly exciting here...




And a start made on the engines (which seem to be about 40% of the instructions for the whole kit, this is just the first two steps with a base coat






See you again next time :) 

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That's a good amount of progress, and things are looking nice. Those engines are beautifully moulded



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52 minutes ago, 81-er said:

That's a good amount of progress, and things are looking nice. Those engines are beautifully moulded



Thanks James, and they really are, and I haven't even started on the details included in the kit yet, might not have any need to super detail, even though I wouldn't anyway 😉

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Plodding again this week, I've spent a good amount of time on the B-25 without making enough progress to take too many pictures. Almost all the work I've done has been on the two radial beasties that let me call this a twin.


Starting with some detail painting onto the black I airbrushed last time...




Like the rest, I'm trying to go on a combination of photos and the instruction call-outs to produce something semi-believable. It's a bit tricky since a number of colours appear to have been used for various components on the real things, so its a nest guess combined with a little artistic license. More detail added, this is why its taking so long, there's 28 of these "cables?" on each engine.






And a whole load of exhaust pipes on the back. I realize that using copper paint is a bit too much, they should just be rusty pipes, but they aren't going to be very visible when its completed and so I've just gone simple for effect (since I'm not great at the rusty effect even in simple locations)




And here's the two of them in their frames




And then there's another set of "exhaust?" pipes (sorry I don't do much research and I'm not too knowledgeable on engines either) coming out the side before adding side panels, plus the propellers 




Having done one and seen exactly how much of my hard work would be invisible, I decided that I'd not fix the top two panels for the other one, so that I could see into at least part of the engine. Here's how it looks on the nacelle (and some black props in the background):




I might change my mind on them being open later, I'll see how it looks when its all together first.


That's all for now. Got a big batch of construction to do next, so should look like quicker progress for a while. Thanks for stopping by as usual (especially the omnipresent James :)).





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32 minutes ago, MRMRL said:

(especially the omnipresent James :))

I don't know what you mean... :whistle:


It's looking good in there. I don't know masses about the layout of the engines fitted, but the cabling at the front is the ignition wiring. I suspect the pipes sticking out of the cowlings are exhausts, but I'm sure someone with more knowledge of the type will confirm or correct that :)



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Blimey, that's a biggy!  Great work so far and liking the detailing with the paint .... 👌


Keith 😁 

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Hi All


Its been a while since my last post, I'm running a long way behind where I want to be overall this year so far now. Life has been getting in the way of projects somewhat, been away, been ill, been looking after ill child, been trying to have fun in there as well. Busy. Anyway, I've cobbled the progress I've make in the last month into a single post. I'm hoping things are a little less hectic and I can get my mojo back a bit more.


Here we go then. First off, the nose, lots of instruction, lots of invisible parts if you are buttoning it up. So skipped most of it, just added enough to fix the barrels in place, then added some weights and then fixed it to place.


AARGH, my google photo embedder is on the frtiz, upstream timeout error - I'll have to try to edit this post tomorrow.


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Real life always has to come first, the plastic will still be there



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Rather than edit the last post, I'll continue in a new one where I left off.


First off, the nose, lots of instruction, lots of invisible parts if you are buttoning it up. So skipped most of it, just added enough to fix the barrels in place, then added some weights and then fixed it to place.




Then, moving onto painting the remaining parts that need interior green on them. I've sadly fallen foul of MrHobby radically changing the colour mix of their interior green, so as I only have a couple of bits to paint, I've just picked a half reasonable match and gone with that.




I've then fairly quickly joined all the sections I've collated together and all of a sudden, it looks a lot more like an aircraft




Houston, we have a problem, turns out that the weight I put in the nose, may not have been sufficient....




I have a tail sitter. Turns out that I'm a long long way off the amount of weight needed to have it sit upright. I need to think about how to resolve this one, I've got no easy place to add weight now, so I might need to cheat. 


A fair amount of filler, and a load of masking tape later, and I'm ready for painting, which isn't as complicated as most aircraft I've made.




And total coverage of Olive drab later...






And you can just about see them in the previous photo, but I've completed the painting for the propellers as well




Finally (for today), I've started painting some of the details (gun barrels mainly) and attached the props.




So there's my March update, a lot of progress, albeit at a slower pace than usual for me, I'm hoping to get this one complete in a week or so to give myself a chance at a third for the the GB, but we'll see how life goes ;) 

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That's an impressive amount of progress for sure! It's looking very nice :)



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