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Scania T143H Tipper

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Well, this has been quite the project. I started building Italeri's 6x2 tractor kit three and a half years ago. I love these long nosed trucks.




Let me recap the build quickly. The full build log is here if you're interested. 


My initial plan was to build the tractor as it came from the box, but in a nice and shiny colour. 




After painting, I put the build away, and when I took it out of its box months later, I was faced with this:




Yeah, mildly annoying, that. Something went wrong, obviously.


However, I had developed some new ideas in the meantime, so I stripped the paint and chopped the cab to turn it into a low roof day cab. 




Which worked out quite well, I scratchbuilt the roof for it. 




Anyway, the plan was to turn it into a tipper, which I did, although the build was put back on the shelf a couple of times. But, I always meant to finish it and I finally did. 


So here we are. The cab was converted and partly scratchbuilt, there's a scratchbuilt front bumper and lastly, the tipper subframe and body were scratchbuilt as well. There's a set of KFS wheels and hubs on the rig, which always improve the look. The PE badges are from CTM. I didn't do any wiring and/or plumbing, I wanted to finish the build and was afraid it would stall again.


It wasn't so easy to photograph, it's a big unit!




















The hydraulic ram was made from a telescoping magnetic "pen". I liked this design with the tipping tube on the front of the body.








The mud flaps are made from thin rubber sheet. 








Thanks for watching!



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That is amazing.  Ingenious, seamless combination of kit- and scratch-building.  Having followed the final build stages I have to smile at the last few touches, specifically the application of lumps of noisome 💩 in strategic places - extremely effective!

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53 minutes ago, dnl42 said:

I do like that screaming chicken decal, I hope you have plans for it! 

The next time I'm building a chicken coop I will make a poster out of it for the ladies to look at. 

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That is fantastic!  A proper hard work look and a great truck too! 

Outstanding work on the scratchbuild and modifications ... 👌


Keith 😁 

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Great to see this finally come together. Although I like shiny models, I can't deny that you do this weathered finish very well and have it just right - no going overboard here. As a result, it looks just like an in-use tipper truck would be expected to look. Well worth the time and effort which went into it.

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Guys, thanks for all the comments, much appreciated!!


It sits nice and happy on the Scania shelf 🙂 



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Somehow managed to miss this one Jeroen, glad I eventually found it as that's another cracking build - looks great, excellent scratchbuilding, paint & weathering!


Top work again!



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