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Even 0.2mm giving too wide coverage


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I have a cheapish (Timbertek or something) airbrush. I've only used it on 7 or 8 models and so far it's been OK for the money.


However, recently, the spray is fanning too wide. Even with a 0.2mm needle / nozzle. I got some new (cheapo) needles from Amazon and the problem persists.


This is even when I get in really close. The additional problem when I get in close is that even on a low pressure (say 12 PSI), the air pressure blows the paint across the surface of the model.


Is it something I'm doing wrong or do I need a replacement airbrush?

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Sounds to me that the problem is with the nozzle, not the needle. It may have become worn/damaged and hence is now wider than the required .2mm. Don't know whether you can replace it, or even if it's worthwhile.


The basic mechanics of all airbrushes are the same, cheaper models are cheaper because they use cheaper materials, not built with the same precision, and won't last as long. I'm all for people starting with a cheap model to learn how to use it or even see if airbrushing is something they want to pursue in the long term but I think once you're past beginner stage, it is worth investing in better quality which should provide more precise control and consistency over the long term. 


There are so many variables in airbrushing (paint, thinning, air pressure etc.) that you would do well to eliminate problems with the tool itself from the equation. I use H&S models (Ultra and Infinity), and can rely on them to function in a consistent manner time after time. But I haven't compared them to other brands so can't say they are the best option.







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I had the same problem with a cracked tip on my Sparmax .2. Once it was replaced the problem was gone. Now I gently insert the needle until I feel it just touching the nozzle with hardly any pressure at all. It doesn't take much to flair the tip on a O.2.

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