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After Dettol strip soak gunk residue

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Hi guys,


I bought a Belkits Skoda Fabia off ebay already built for £13 & it needed some attention (like in Wheeler Dealers, lol)


I decided to strip the bodyshell with Dettol diluted & everything came off with no problem.


But then i was left with a lot of gunk & then saw on Youtube that I should have soaked in NEAT Dettol from the start to eliminate the gunk.


So i re-soaked the bodyshell in neat Dettol & while it has taken most of the gunk away, im left with little bits that feel literally welded on & i cant remove them.


Ive tried label remover spray i got from work, re-soaking in soapy water, WD-40 and nothing wont shift those last few bits of gunk.


Is there anything else I can try?


Cheers in advance,



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Did you use a toothbrush to scrub the paint off after soaking in dettol? The only time I've completely stripped a model I used 99% IPA, let soak for an hour then used a washing up sponge (because I didn't have an old toothbrush at hand) to remove the paint. It worked fine.

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I did use a toothbrush to scrub in the Dettol indeed.


Ive bought some "Elbow Grease" brand oven cleaner spray, as ive seen people use "Easy Off" brand oven spray in the USA on Youtube.


It foamed up really well in my tub, so fingers crossed that works.



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