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HMS Iron Duke Superstructure


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       Gidday @Selwyn, about 2.5 - 3mm I think. The top of the open bridge (forward/highest bit of part 61) needs to be about 1mm lower than the top of the forward funnel. It's a bit hard to dry fit all of the superstructure parts to see how you're going so I'd suggest gluing parts 49 and 50 together and then remove about 1mm of the height, sanding both top and bottom to keep the molded port holes in their relative position. Do the same with parts 54 and 55. Then assemble it all up to part 60. Once that is done it's quite easy to simply lay the open bridge/compass platform (part 61) on top to compare it with the height of the funnel. If more height reduction is required then simply sand it from the underside of part 61 until you're happy with the looks of it. That's pretty much what I did with my most recent build of the kit.       HTH.

Regards, Jeff.

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