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After 50 years....

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..... I finally got to get Rick Wakemans' signature on my Journey to the Centre of the Earth programme. I went to the gig in 1974 at the Crystal Palace bowl for an open air concert that featured support acts Procol Harum, Wally, Gryphon amid a couple other acts.  Today , however, I went to a venue that is quite small and have musical shows occasionally with the wife to meet a couple friends,. Playing tonight is Rick Wakeman. I never got to meet him but a nice lady who runs the place offered to get my Programmes signed buy him. I  was told that he was too  busy to meet anyone as he was rehearsing for tonights performance; but  that, I am unable to attend.  To move on, here are my programmes I bought at 3 of the gigs I went back in the 70s including a Yes programme which I bought at the gigs at QPR , Loftus Road.




L to R top to bottom: Yes  brochure, Rick Wakeman No Earthly Connection performed at Hammersmith, King Arthur.... at Empire Pool Wembley and the Crystal Palace one.

Note the signatures.

I am hoping the next time I go to this place I'll get to meet and ask for a signature of Roger Dean on my remaining Yes album.


PS: This adds to a couple other celebs I did meet at a theatre in Chichester when I went to see a comedy play, Noises Off. My 20 year old granddaughter who is Stage Director for this production, who got us tickets to see this and met two of the performers Lisa Goddard and Matthew Kelly after the show.




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