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Crusader tracks


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Usually Scalemates is pretty good at suggesting aftermarket items for any particular kit subject, but for some reason not this time.   So looking specifically at Crusader track, and three brands are listed. 

Accurate Armour states only they are designed to replace ‘rubber band’ type tracks.  

Panzerwerk say they are recommended for all brands of kits.

E.T. Model state their set is for the Border kit of the Crusader.







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13 minutes ago, pigsty said:

There's also Friul set ATL-69

I'll second that. Yes, they're expensive, but they're not too difficult to assemble, and once they're fitted, I think that they look good. Here's a set on an AA Crusader.




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There was some postings last July about Fruil closing due to the owner having health problems.   Then in October  there was announcement that they are still open for business but am not sure if they got better or if business was taken over.




Cost wise they are the same or a bit a bit cheaper compared to the two 3D printed products


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The Accurate Armour product will be their usual strips of pre-formed resin links that must be heat-bent to shape.  Not recommended.


I thought that Masterclub did a set but their website seems to be unavailable (and they are Russian).  There is a Masterclub UK shop on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/572105619930063/


For the £30-ish price of the after-market tracks you might consider buying one of the Border Models kits, which come with nice indy link tracks and metal gun barrels and are far superior to the decades-old Italeri kit.  Although they are still about £50.

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