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KV-2 Trumpeter 1:35

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after a long hiatus, I came back to modelling and chose the KV-2 from Trumpeter being the beast of choice to tackle. Over the course of years, I have bought some aftermarket stuff (with varying levels of usability, to be honest). 




Here is the lineup of the accessories - well DEFINITELY NOT all of them were really of any value. And I am speaking speaking specifically about YOU -> FC Model Trend! 





And here is the current status - still before the final small stuff to be added. Also, I am pretty sure that the next "surfacer-phase" will bring some new challenges (i.e. consequences of my two-left-hands) to tackle :-) 


I added acetylene-torch marks on all major armor-plates, both on hull as well as the turret. Although the kit brings some nice and subtle welds, they were missing at the aft curved armour. There I made use of my old stock of the Archer dry transfers to replicate the weld beads.   




The tracks in the kit were hammered with ejector pin-marks, which I wasn't really willing to sand, so opted for the Friulmodel ATL-10 link-to-link tracks instead. IMHO they really look better than the Trumpeter-tracks, but they also add the "extra heft" to the model (which for some reason I like 😉  )  

The gun barrel from ABER 35L-44 is in my opinion a "must-have". It is perfectly turned, but also has that "hidden detail" of barrel thread, which, considering the size of the 152 mm howitzer, is really visible on the model. 





I opted for the FC Model Trend screens and exhausts. Honestly speaking - only the screens were so-so usable. The exhaust stacks were marred by crude print-marks and I am not sure, they added any value over the kit exhausts...  


The large Eduard 35825 PE sheet contains some useful details, but overall the detail of kit is really remarkable. For example - I did opt for kit´s real deflector, since the kit part IMHO represents the structure of the part better than PE replacement. Still, the Eduard set contains a lot of details for further KV-1 tanks, so they will find use at future projects. 


I added also some cabling behind the horn and light, based on pictures from surviving museum exhibits. 






There is still some work to be done - like MGs, towing-cable holders, etc. Next step would be to spray the kit with Surfacer 1200 and repair a plethora of issues I expect to find.

Wish me luck!

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You will have fun painting that. Ideal size and shape to try out a few different techniques. Very nice details and I agree about big metal tracks. The heft gives them a realistic sag.👍

I also agree about some of these aftermarket companies like FC and Panzerart. They can be hit and miss. Some stuff high quality must-have, some unusable. Quality control lads.

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Looks great so far and all the extras really enhance it too.

Big fan of the Fruil tracks myself, I agree the extra weight gives the model the required heft.

This isn't the first time I've heard criticism of FC parts either.


Good luck


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Nice work! The tracks look good with the sag.


I'll wait patiently for the painting stage now! 


Keith 😁 

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