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Ki-84-I Hayate - Home Defence - 1/48 Hasegawa

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I started the model in 2016, when I was still living in Strausberg. The model survived the move to Berlin without any damage and was then waiting to be completed.
My current wife always encouraged me to continue building the kit.
Now I've done it, I'm still missing a decent Jeep or something similar, I just haven't found a usable one yet. It should then still be on the lawn.

The rollout.
This kit from Hasegawa is one of the best from Hasegawa, everything fits together very well, sometimes you have to work very carefully because many of the small parts are very delicate and delicate. The decals are just as fine and sensitive, a lot of patience is necessary.

I completely improved the engine. The engine was made from a metal part, wire insulation, plastic sheets. Many positions have opened. GI's were curious.


















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This one is done just as nicely, if not better, as the Gekko I just viewed.  Your scratch building is just awesome.  The diorama you have created really makes a difference and I truly appreciate the mechanic with his head stuck in the fuselage compartment.  Just a beautifully done kit and diorama.  Thanks for sharing both.

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Remarkable modelling, just oozing realism. My fave is that guy with his head inside the radio hatch (if that's what it is, Jap a/c being a bit outside of my regular interests).


Superb work!

Kind regards,


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