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Aftermarket for a 1/16 US M-ATV MRAP


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I have recently bought the Trumpeter 1/16 US M-ATV MRAP and I'm considering building a diorama for it.


Could anybody recommend any aftermarket available in 1/16 please ?




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There is stuff available on Shapeways that may be of interest.


Small selection of links below


https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace/miniatures/vehicles?tag=m-atv&sort=&facet[pdcId][]=91&facet[price][min]=1&facet[price][max]=2500&facet[price][from]=1&facet[price][to]=2500 (1/16)

https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace/miniatures/vehicles?tag=1%2F16&sort=&facet[pdcId][]=91&facet[pdcId][]=462&facet[price][min]=1&facet[price][max]=2500&facet[price][from]=1&facet[price][to]=2500 (all this is generic post-2000 stowage and components)

https://www.shapeways.com/shops/mikesmodelshop?section=Military+1%2F35+and+1%2F16&s=0 (1/35 and 1/16)


One tip for searching Shapeways - search on Google instead for what you are looking for (eg 1/16 fuel cans) but always include 'Shapeways' as part of the search string - eg 'shapeways 1/16 fuel cans' - as that gives better search results than using Shapeways' own search function :)

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