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My first Sea Diorama - Revell - Type VII C/41

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Right now I’ve been able to get a little more than nill modelling done I’ve added some layers...


I've added some white foam to the sides of the U-boat and wake and wave tops.


I've then added a mix layer of blue and gloss medium and heavy gel medium and dabbed with a tiny brush to form wavelets.  






I'm going to now add gloss and heavy gel medium over this and once it dry some more white to foam and wavepeaks.


Comments and suggestions welcome. 🤓

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I have realised that the previous layer of gloss and heavy gel is not completely dry, so my new mix of gloss medium and heavy structure gel will have to sit and wait.


This could also be a good thing as the mixture will slowly dry out and firm up, hopefully!  I'll keep moving it every now and then to keep it from drying out too much.

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After letting the blue layer dry completely I have eventually added the heavy gel and gloss mix and that has been drying a for quite some days and is almost clear, I’ll post a photo when their is something to show 👍🤓

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This is an update after changing my image hosting thingy as Imgur seems to be broken, using Flickr and just about seem to have got it working…..


I’ve been using silica crystals to dry out the and remove all moisture from the gels with some success.


Sub April

Now I have a new image hosting thingy I can update you all about my new project - the flower class corvette and German sub Dio, more to come!

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