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D-Day Top Cover, P-47D

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While waiting for a replacement windscreen from Zvezda for my 1/72nd C-130, I built the Tamiya 1/48th P-47D Razorback.  I've had this kit in the stash for many years but something else always pulled me away from building it.  Since I am not sure how long it will take for Zvezda to get the part to me to continue the C-130 build, I wanted something that would be "quick".  This one was fairly quick, for me, but painting took quite a while, even with the relatively simple color scheme.  I painted on the stripes and tried a new metal finish (for me).  I also had an Eduard color PE set for this one.  Overall, I am happy with the result.  Of course there are some things I think I could do better with.

I used an aftermarket seat with molded on belts, Quickboost I think.  Paint is the Vallejo Metal Color Aluminum with a few panels in a mix of Aluminum and "Silver".  The paint set had 4 colors included, but the other 3 were quite a bit darker than the aluminum.  The darker panels are a 60/40 mix of aluminum and silver.  The white stripes are the undercoat of Tamiya spray can Fine White Primer.  The black stripes are Testors flat back, and the forward antiglare panel is Model Master Olive Drab.  Decals are a mix of kit stencils, Eagle Strike, and Superscale.  

I painted the cockpit in my version of Dull Dark Green, an ancient tin of Humbrol 88 (pushing 25+ years old and still working well.)  However last week, on Hyperscale, a discussion erupted concerning P-47 cockpit colors.  I don't think there was any confirmation on colors for various P-47 models (C, D, G, M, N).  Interesting food for thought...

Background on this one:  While researching the 23rd Fighter Squadron, 36th Fighter Group, in WW2, I always thought that they started D-Day carrying bombs for close air support or battlefield interdiction.  Most, if not all, USAAF fighter wings were tasked with air superiority for the first missions of the day.  The 36th was no exception.  In reading pilot accounts, most flew 3 or even 4 sorties on June 6, 1944.  The first 2 sorties were air superiority, and following tasking was for air to ground.  I wanted to show this aircraft ready for it's first mission that morning.  

I choose tail number 42-26043, a P-47D-22-RE.  This ship was lost to flak near Mortain, France on 7 Aug 44.   Pilot James "Mose" Cole was KIA.  I wasn't sure of the in-squadron letter so I chose "J" because I had a J on the decal sheets and my wife's name starts with "J".  It wasn't until after the 36th moved to the continent that colorful engine cowling and tailplanes appeared.  Even though it's just silver, black, and white, mostly, it still has some color pops here and there.  I kept weathering to a minimum since the aircraft were fairly new, having only been in operation for a few weeks before the invasion, and the stripes had been painted only hours before the first sorties on D-Day.






DSC_1207 DSC_1212


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Thank you for the likes and comments. I’m still waiting on the C-130 windscreen so I’m working on 2 Bf-109 builds. Both 1/48 - Hasegawa F-Trop (Marseille) and the older Revell G-10.  

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