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Buccaneer S.2C, XV340/‘321’, No. 809 NAS, RNAS Lossiemouth, 1970

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My first attempt at one of the new-tool Airfix 1/48 Buccaneers, and I thought I’d start with the Royal Navy version. I have to say it’s an absolutely superb kit, Airfix’s engineering is brilliant and required only a few areas of filler. The fit is excellent with many parts just dropping into place. I didn’t need to use any aftermarket as the cockpit, decals, undercarriage, etc are all great out of the box. 

XV340 was delivered to the Fleet Air Arm in April 1967, and served on board HMS Eagle and Ark Royal as well as at Lossiemouth. It was transferred to the RAF in May 1973 but was grounded following the Buccaneer fleet inspection in 1980 and allocated the maintenance serial 8659M, seeing out its days on Pendine Ranges.


The model shows XV340 in its heyday as a front line Royal Navy strike jet based at Lossiemouth in 1970.
































All comments, constructive or otherwise very welcome! 


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Beautiful! I've literally just bought this very kit. Having seen yours I'm really looking forward to building it. 

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Hello,Lord Riot - A magnificent build of the Airfix Buccaneer.

The finishing work looks superb and how well she looks next to the Sea Vixen.I love them both.Well done indeed.🏆👏😉👍

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Wowser!  That's a stunner!  👏


It looks 'right' being all clean and shiny and at home with it's stablemate. 


Keith 😁 



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