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Miles M.5 Sparrowhawk G-ADNL - SBS, 1/72

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Hi there!


After almost three weeks I have finally persuaded myself to post photos of the finished Miles Sparrowhawk, which I have built during the start of January... :giggle:  I prefer building over the taking photos! :D


The complete progress was documented here:

In the end of the build I forgot to post the latest progress, but it consisted of masking, painting and doing the final touches so nothing really to show.

Overall, the build was straightforward, the only serious issue with the building process was my incompetence of gluing the parts together precisely with the CA glue. :D All the parts fit perfectly and I really appreciated that the joints of cockpit parts had enough space between for the layer of paint. The only blemish on beauty was a matt surface on the wings and fuselage parts which was easily smoothed out with very fine sanding paper and water.


However, the SBS model company is really far ahead of other resin model manufacturers and they really know their craft well.:yes:


Here are the photos of the the tiny Miles:

P1580143 P1580126 P1580125 P1580122 P1580135 P1580128 P1580123 P1580137 P1580142 P1580141


Thanks for watching and have a nice weekend!

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Firstly, what an incredibly beautiful aircraft! Not a manufacturer that I am overly familiar with to be honest, but seriously, who could not love that design!


Then, of course, there is your model which is an absolute gem! One that I would certainly be very, very proud of!

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Lovely work, thanks very much for posting. I agree with you on taking pictures being a paint but these are really well done. I love SBS's kits too, and have this one waiting in the wings; glad to see it's turned out so well. Beautiful aeroplane, wonderful kit, built and finished immaculately and shown off with great photography. Well done!

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