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Eastern front diorama in 1/72 -Kübelwagen and panzergrenadiers

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First post here, here's my most recent diorama. The base is made from ceramic coasters, styrofoam and air-drying clay.

The sunflowers are actually pre-painted photoetch by Eduard, and the large green bushes are pre made. Otherwise it's mostly scratch built.

The kubelwagen is made by S-model, and all the figures are from Preiser. Included a couple of work-in-progress shots of them at the end.


I made this diorama/vignette base to display several different models, so the vehicles and soldiers not glued in place. The figures have stakes under their feet so they can also be moved around.












Here's the whole dio, in my hand!








I linked them from my Reddit profile, hope it works!

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Stunning little scene and you've captured the look and feel of a German advance somewhere in Russia perfectly.


Love it.

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Great composition and quality work. But Sheez…. Way too small a scale for me these days! 😮

35th is small enough for me these days. 😂

Well done. 👍

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12 hours ago, sardaukar said:

wow this is great work well done, where do the figs come from?

Thank you, the figures are made by Preiser!

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Just now, Cklasse said:

It’s getting difficult for me to find Preiser figures. Is there a good site to order Preiser?

Sadly no, they are almost impossible to find online these days. I got lucky on ebay last year and scored a few kits

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