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1/48 and 1/32 rigging and turnbuckles for 3D printer?


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a friend has a 3D printer and asked me if there is something I would like him to print for me.

the first thing that came to mind is turnbuckles and eyelets for WWI planes.

I have a few models sitting in my stash which I keep aside as my experience with rigging up to now wasn't the best one and I'm hoping that using turnbuckles will make my life easier.


i even tried to create a design using 3D software but i'm not sure that i did a good job.

are there any free designs available you are willing to share?


thanks a lot


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I supose from my own experience,  that this 3D turnbuckles may look good  but you will never have the same strength!

If you look at my posts & threads concerning this matter, my turnbuckles realy are strong and you can rigg any monster in 1/32. If it is a Gotha or AEG or FE 2b.

Hapöy modelling 

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8 hours ago, SoftScience said:

I'm the same line of thought, would 3D printed uncut lengths of airfoil shaped rod be strong enough to make struts?


by themselves, no. At that scale the resin does not have enough rigidity to provide much, if any support.  However, they can be printed with a hole through the length into which a brass rod can be inserted.   

I don't have any shots to hand but here the same principle is used on a 1/48 Wapiti undercarriage to add strength.




Here is the finished, completely 3D printed Wapiti. All the struts had a 0.5mm brass rod inserted through the entire length of the strut to provide strength






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Can I piggyback on this thread? I was wondering how much complicated this t is to 3D print the fuselage of a dhw flow for a 1/48 scratch build plane


my idea was either to ask someone who is good at 3D printing and modeling in 3D software, or it is easier to make a bunch of sections and glue them together and shape the thing.





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I like the idea of printing turnbuckles and anchors. For most of my rigging I use elastic thread, such as Ushi so the the rigging is not providing the structural strength.  This would be a good project for someone to post a design on Cult3d or something similar.  I can print on my printer but have no idea how to design something.

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