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National Museum of Flight, East Fortune


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Hello all,


I may be going to Edinburgh in April. As I know the National Museum of Flight in East Fortune is nearby, I'd like to work a visit there into my itinerary.


I've got a few questions for anyone who has visitied it from Edinburgh.


The museum website recommends buying a ticket online in advance. Is this really necessary? April would be fairly early in their operating season and not yet tourist season in general. Is it likely I could just go and buy a ticket at the door?


If I go to the museum, it will be by bus.


It looks like it will be a two bus deal with a transfer in Haddington in both directions. It looks like the two legs of the trip are handled by two different bus companies.


Is it likely that I would be able to buy a ticket directly from the driver, or contactless payment terminal on the bus, or should I buy tickets online ahead of time?


Thanks for any advice.

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