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Best way to prepare and paint 1;350 scale 3D printed parts

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Hi Everyone, looking for some advice as to how best to prepare and paint 3D printed items such as those from Black Cat. Do you completely detach them from the mounting blocks and temporarily mount them to card, stirring sticks, sprue etc for painting, or something else? Thanks.

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Hi Neil

Both.  I often prime them whilst on the sprue/mounting blocks and or paint them on ice cream carton lids with masking tape attached sticky side up.  Often whilst on the sprue you can't get to all the parts, a particular problem with some of the Black Cat Sprues where Ben has moulded items very close together to the point that detaching them is an issue.  We've spoken and he is aware about it.

I try and prime everything, usually with Mig Ammo One Shot or increasingly with Mig "A stand" primer (The old Alclad).  But I've been lazy and sprayed directly onto 3D pieces with no problems.



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3D parts have visible printing - layers quite often. If you painting with brush its no problem. However if you like to paint with thin subtle layers of paint with airbrush, you need to polish with sandpaper, steel-wool or sometimes just scalpel's blade (on small parts) after priming. Like here: 





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Thanks Gents. I'm only using the small detail parts like guns, searchlights and carley floats so printing ridges shouldn't be a problem for those. I will see how I get on priming them still attached to the printing block later today.

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I use a lot of 1/350 (and 1/600 / 1/48) 3D printed parts that I design/print myself.  Mostly with those, I remove them from the mounting spines and reset them so that they are best placed to spray; otherwise, with them usually being at an angle, it can be difficult to spray the underside.

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