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Revell 1:48 Rafale, Armee De L'Air

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recently finished this 1:48 Rafale. Built OOB, due to not being able to find any suitable FAF decals readily available at the time! Its the C version which comes with decals for the Arctic Tiger scheme, but I just wanted a standard grey one after watching them at Waddington last year :)

The kit goes together mostly well, there are parts in the box which I assume are for the Marine version so you have to be careful to get the correct parts. Because of the shape of the forward fuselage, you have to be quite careful and patient when putting the 2 halves together, and it needs to be done in stages to get the shape right. If anyone's contemplating doing one id suggest watching the excellent youtube videos with the guy from flory models, helped me a lot.

Anyway, the other issues were the usual one of not knowing exactly the shade of grey thanks to the French not using the FS system, and as much as I tried I couldn't get the canopy perfectly clean :(

I've not decided whether to have the canopy open or not so for the photos its just placed on, so in some not perfectly aligned!!

The decals are ok, some just wouldn't sit down without showing a bit of film despite micro sol/set etc, but its not too noticeable except in the bright sunshine I decided to do the photos in, doh!!

There are plenty of weapons/stores choices due to the modular nature of the kit.

The refuelling probe wont sit at the correct angle really, and I will probably at some stage chop the canards and move them toward the body slightly as the seem a little too far out to me. 

It was airbrushed using Mr Color Acrylic paints and weathered using Flory Models Dark dirt wash for a bit of contrast.

Other than those minor issues, a really enjoyable build, that to me looks far better on the shelf than it does in the pics, typical!!


53453580135_f4b907dffe_b.jpgRevell 1.48 Rafale C 127-3 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr


53452236187_cc73f7b2f0_b.jpgRevell 1.48 Rafale C 127-10 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr


53453286993_4055f3cf6a_b.jpgRevell 1.48 Rafale C 127-7 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr


53453477814_28f7d06e6f_b.jpgRevell 1.48 Rafale C 127-11 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr


53453578640_dce61be8eb_b.jpgRevell 1.48 Rafale C 127-13 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr


53452235662_1874e4debd_b.jpgRevell 1.48 Rafale C 127-14 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr


53452236982_0fb8c16fc4_b.jpgRevell 1.48 Rafale C 127-4 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr


53452237582_e73797df4a_b.jpgRevell 1.48 Rafale C 127-2 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr


53453579285_b33ff7cc69_b.jpgRevell 1.48 Rafale C 127-8 by Jonathan Francis, on Flickr


Thanks for looking


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I do like that! It's a lovely looking aircraft. 

25 minutes ago, jonf45 said:

...looks far better on the shelf than it does in the pics, typical!!

Isn't it always the way, though your photos look very good 👍

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Looks fantastic to me. I have had this kit in the stash for years but never got jazzed to build it. Maybe because it’s another gray jet…

After seeing yours maybe I’ll give it a look again. 
Thanks for the build tips. I’m sure I’ll reference yours when I finally get around to working on it. 

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Thank you all very much for your comments 😁

Is a bit too modern for my usual cold war builds (last time i built anything contemporary was probably in the 90s!!!), but was nice to do something different,  and to me, its the best looking of the modern fighters 😍

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