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1/72 Arii, Mitsubishi Ki-46 II Dinah

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Hi everyone, I am excited to join the groupbuild. My entry will be well known kit of Dinah, firstly issued by LS in Arii's boxing. I will try to reproduce the three color upper camouflage which at my opinion give more attraction to this very handsome aircraft design. Got myself into work already, cutting the interior parts along the fuselage halves and adding some structural and  details in the office compartment to make it more busy. 












Done some interior structure with evergreen plastic struts. 


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Just a small update, there has been some progress. Interior was primed and painted Gunze Japan interior green.



Fuselage and wings glued together, there will be some sanding required on the joints, but nothing too serious. 






Looking great without the engine nacelles very sleek.




As usual, my daughter drew Pacific map in scale 😀


That's it for now, next step: engines. 


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I needed some time to find my topic here. Lots of great builds. There has been some progress recently. 



Canopy transparent part doesn't fit so well, I managed to sand fuselage half to make it less apparent. I can live with it at the end. 




Next, a layer of black Mr.Surfacer was spayed. I had several more touch ups with white putty and superglue, on some of the joints. 



Then, I sprayed light gray marbling all over it.




According to aviationofjapan.com I opted for  grey green, Mr.color 128 for undersides. Meanwhile, I've obtained AK Real  Cha Kasshoku and Karekussa Iro browns for the upper cammo. Can't wait to see them. 

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It's been a while, but I've managed to finish camouflage. So, the colors are:

Mr.Color 128 undersides

IJA green Gunze H60

AK Real RC334 Dry grass color

Ak Real RC335 Tea color 

Orange yellow Gunze H24

I sprayed it freehand with H&S Evolution, quite diluted. 








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This has been a really great model in the 1970's especially eith the engraved surface detailing and some of the smaller parts!





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Really nice and slightly unusual camo scheme - presumably used when operating over China? Makes a change from the usual grey overall, green over grey or brown over grey. I have always done my Dinah's in.



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