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Dermot's 2023 builds


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Hi all and here's what I got done last year. Lots of fun, tried to challenge myself with some armour and different schemes/finishes. Most were built OOB except where noted. I think the T-38 is my favourite given how basic a kit it is.  Thanks for looking and here's to a happy new year with lots of modelling!



1/72 Revell F-14D backdated/converted to the model 303 prototype first flight..




1/35 AFV Club M-18 Hellcat with Value Gear Details - first 1/35 armour in about 30 years!




1/72 Hasegawa F11-1F Tiger 




Even more ancient 1/72 Hasegawa T-38 converted to a Dryden Flight Research Center NASA Talon (ish)




1/72 Hobby Boss TA-7 converted to an EA-7L with Wolkpak wingfold and scratchbuilt ECM pods, aftermarket decals.




1/72 AMK Delfin  - lovely kit, shame about the decals!




1/72 Hasegawa Kfir converted to Argentine Dagger




Revell 1/4000 Easy Kit Star Destroyer with fibre optics by Captain Jacks Lighting and heightened sidewalls.




1/72 Fujimi A-4 Aggressor 'Fake Mig' 




1/72 Revell Strv 122 Swedish Norbotten Regiment




1/72 Airfix P-51D 'Maverick's Mustang' 




1/169 Revell Easy Kit Millennium Falcon in DHL scheme




1/29 Revell Easy Kit Snowspeeder with enlarged cockpit windows, open airbrake and repaint.


53438329646_a57d489373_b.jpgRevell_EasyKit_Snowspeeder_3 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr






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Very nice work Dermot, lovely collection. Top marks for the A7, but I love the Fedex'ed Millennium Falcon 🙂 

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