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USS WARD DD-139 camouflage colours ?????

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I've  been casting an envious eye at this kit from Black Cat for a while and finally decided to buy it.

I've found some photos online and this one in particular was what caused the purchase.......








I just can't resist a complicated paint scheme :whistle:

But there is a slight snag, I have no idea what the colours would be, or even if I can build her as she was in 1918. The kit, is I think, as she was in WW2.

I've got a book by Peter Hodges : Royal Navy Warship Camouflage which is great for RN ships, but obviously no use here. Does anyone know of a similar book that would relate to USS Ward or any U.S. warships of this period ?

Or, does anyone have any ideas what the colours would be ?


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