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1/35 Schnellboot S-38 & harbor scene


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I just realized my last post from beginning of the week wasn't actually posted :wtf: I must have not pressed ENTER or so ...


Well, I had some down time, not hobby related. Then I changed the jetty, as announced. The original limiting factor was the availability of the "bigger blocks" plastic profile (as seen in the pic below). That was a leftover of my fathers HO train set which I salvaged after we had to take the set down, when he was diagnosed with cancer. It was a big set up and he sold about have his trains etc. but after he passed a couple of years ago, I still have about 50+ engines and a a few hundred waggons etc. I couldn't get a reasonable price for. So I found instead a place to put at least the engines in a showcase at my place. Since then, I managed to reuse a bunch of little things that I could take with me in my projects, e.g. that plastic profile (which must be from like the 60's if not earlier!!), as a memeory of my dad.

So, I had to redo the jetty differently. I also had to partly make a new surface, which not totally came out as I had wanted it to.




I also added the 20mm gun:




After that came the railing which went ok and after that it kind of went downhill.

The windows on the bridge were one desaster ofter the other: I couldn't bent the PE parts as required, so I cut them. The white glue (normally my favorite for clear plastic parts), didn't hold the pieces together. Taking it apart, the metal was bend out of shape. Then I used superglue which of course, as ecpected, I could not keep away from the clear plastic. In the meantime I had to paint it a few times because due to all the man handling, the paint was chipping.

My only excuse is, I can tell from my own experience that plexiglas or real glas in the harsh environment of the sea does not keep very well. In that aspect, I guess, it looks very accurate.

I don't understand why Italeri could not have molded each window as one piece in clear plastic instaed of 3 PE parts and the clear plastic sheet....:headbang:  :facepalm:

Judge by yourself:





Final act in the drama: some soft weathering of the hull, as you can see above and here:




So, I consider this more or less done. I did not do the camouflage of the hull, the weathering of the below waterline hull, the mooring lines are still missing and I left out the swivelling chairs in the bridge (my CO is a hard nose who doesn't think his watch officers need those creature comforts - and the pieces would have not really fit with the two crewmembers I placed there).


When I have some decent weather conditions to take some good pictures, I will post those pictures in the completed section of the forum.


Until then, thanks everybody for watching and your very helpful comments. If you have any more, please feel free!



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