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Revell Ford Bronco wheelin' machine

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Hi all, 


I just finished this for this year's Blitzenbuild. What a fun build it was. 


 This is the kit.




But... while it is certainly a really nice classic vehicle, this was not what I had in mind. I wanted the "build your own rock crawler" look. You know, sawzall and death wheel to chop panels, raised suspension, big wheels, that sort of thing. 


I spent almost the entire alloted 24 hours on it, modifying the suspension, chopping the panels, and scratch building a rollcage. I then threw some paint at it and just had time to weather it. The wheels are from another Revell kit, they're much bigger than the tiny kit wheels. 


The WIP is here: 



Here's the result. Hope you like it. 






















Thanks for watching!



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24 hours to get that result - incredible....!!


Love the paint, patina and weathering - really excellent work Jeroen, cracking off road monster! 


Do have to say though I wouldn't want to drive it without some full harness belts - that roll cage would give you a nasty bump on the head....!!  🤣


Top job!



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