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Tamiya 1/35 M2A2 Bradley ODS - Germany, May 1999

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Hey all,


This is Tamiya's Bradley. The kit was originally released in 1985, but this updated version was first released in 2003. I initially got hold of this kit to build it as an example used in Operation Iraqi Freedom, but seeing some of the other schemes, I had a change of heart to do it in European markings for a unit based in Germany at the time.


The kit was built out of the box, but this time I took the oppurtunity to drill out the muzzle of the vehicle. I painted the vehicle using Tamiya Acrylics, and Humbrol Enamels. I weathered the vehicle with oil paints, and Acrylic mud effects by Mig. I also used all of the stowage handily included in the kit, which was painted with acrylics and oils. 


As a finishing touch I added Mantis Miniatures branches. They look fantastic, and are easy to use. However, they are quite expensive, and looking at them, you could probably achieve the same with a large tub of mixed herbs and some roots pillaged from the garden. I have seen techniques where you use PVA to dab the areas where you want the 'leaves' to stick and then sprinkle mixed herbs or similar over them to create some convincing albeit fragrant tree branches. 














Many thanks for looking! 


Sam :)

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That is an impressive looking Bradley!

Very nicely weathered and I especially like the way you have done your stowage, just as well detailed as the rest of the kit :)

Great work!

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15 minutes ago, Andy H said:

Nice one! It's all good, but  I especially like the glasswork. 🎅 👍

Thanks mate!


I essentially paint the lens white, then go over it with a Tamiya Clear colour, in this case a a 50/50 mix of clear orange and clear red for the periscopes

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