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Tamiya IJN Kagero

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On 3/17/2024 at 4:15 PM, ArnoldAmbrose said:

       G'day Tim, nearly four years ago for a GB I converted a 1/700 Hasegawa kit of IJN Yugumo into the Kagero class IJN Yukikaze in late WW2. The kit had the paravanes mounted earlier in the war as you are doing here. I wondered why the kit had them like this and if this was simply a crude depiction of them but thanks to your post above I now know why. Thanks. Your quarterdeck/fantail is somewhat more detailed than mine though. 🙂

Regards, Jeff.


Thanks Jeff. I built that kit too as a kid back in the day, but I thought the paravanes were torpedoes! Live and learn...


Rarely depicted details on model ships are the water mains located on the weather decks.




Wula Models of China have produced some truly amazing 3D printed versions of these.




This set represents USN fittings, but the design is fairly universal. Though taller, the valve with the hand crank on top closely resembles the IJN style.






Cut down to match the shorter IJN mains, these already small parts are reduced to a mere 1.5mm in height...






...but now Kagero’s crew can do some proper damage control when the time comes!

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Adding to Kagero’s damage control capability were portable fire extinguishers secured to bulkheads on the weather decks.






Five Star makes some beautiful renditions of these with resin canisters and brass holding racks.




Here is one of the extinguishers test fitted. Though tiny in 1/350, the real units seem to have been rather large and unwieldy; it must have been a challenge for Imperial Navy sailors to muscle these things around in an emergency! 

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A final component of Kagero’s damage control suite is this set of oxygen canisters by Black Cat Models.




Used for oxy-fuel welding in repair work aboard ship, these canisters were commonly mounted on superstructure exteriors of World War Two era warships.




I don’t have information on where these may have been fitted on Kagero, but photos of other ships show that they seem to have been secured wherever there was space available. This spot tucked away behind the torpedo handling winch seems reasonable...

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