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Wooden Barrels (49014) 1:48


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Wooden Barrels (49014)

1:48 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




Wooden barrels.  You don't see so many of them these days without flowers in them, but before mass-produced metal and plastic barrels became the de facto standard, they were much more prevalent where large quantities of anything needed to be stored.  Everyone’s probably thinking of beer right now, but they have been used for a great many things over the years, so they’re not only found in pubs and breweries. 







The set arrives in a figure-sized end-opening box with five identical sprues, and instructions printed on the rear of the box.  It gives you a substantial quantity of styrene barrels in different sizes with various hoop patterns.  It is worthy of note that the barrels also have plank grooves inside, so an empty barrel will be just as realistic to an intrepid viewer.    Each barrel can be built as an ordinary barrel from two halves plus two end-caps, or with the addition of a spigot on one end, they can be mounted horizontally on a trestle that allows them to rest on their sides without them rolling away.  There are four types of barrels on each sprue, so five of each can be made, and each one can be laid on a trestle if you wish, totalling twenty barrels in two sizes and two hoop styles for each size.




Barrels are an excellent cargo for vehicles, carts, or to fill empty spaces within a building.  The detailed wooden texture can be brought out with careful painting or dry-brushing, adding patina to the metal banding for some contrast.


Highly recommended.




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