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75mm Scarlet Witch - [WiP]


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I quite enjoyed painting the cyborg, my first figure model, so I picked up another from Ebay.  I got a credit from Paypal for having an account for many years so put it towards this Scarlet Witch I've had on my watch list for a while (along with a Black Widow that I might pick up at some point).  This is the render on the Ebay listing:




And it arrive, only technically 5 pieces but I got two pairs of arms.  They seem identical, so I assume its spares incase one of them lost a finger or two in transit (they look very delicate):




Hard to make out the detail in bare resin (especially white), though I suspect at this scale its lost some of that beautiful render detail.  First job is to clean up a pair of the arms and get it glued together, then I can prime it and see what I'm working with.

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So this is getting put on hold briefly for a couple of reasons.  First, as detailed below, there is a lot more detail than I realised.  Its not that I don't want to do it, but I'm only just starting to pick modelling back up, and I have to get my Napoleonic figures sorted for the table top gaming sessions.  And second, another one of my Chinese Ebay figures arrived that I was really excited to paint and should be a lot simpler.  Some I going to move on to that one first, then come back to this one when I can get in the zone for all the detail work.


So yeah, lot of detail to the Scarlett Witch outfit.  I had to re-watch the last episode of WandaVision to take some photos (Disney+ annoyingly blanks the image of you try and printscreen on the PC, which kind of makes sense but it was annoying still).  But it worked out better to be fair, as I took the photos on the 4k TV, but my PC only has 1080p output.  Couldn't get a very clear shot of the boots, but I think I got enough to work with.  At this scale I'll probably have to dial back some of the detail anyway.  But that's for future me to worry about.



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