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1/48 Eduard Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop, EP706 'T-L'

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Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop, EP706 'T-L', Plt Off. George 'Scewball' Beurling, 249 Squadron, Ta Qali, Malta, October 1942.


This is my latest build in my Malta themed series, George Beurling's 249 Squadron Spitfire Vb.


Subject; Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop, x2 .20mm Hispano Suiza cannons and x4 .303 Browning's.

Manufacturer; Eduard Profipack 

Scale; 1/48

Kit number; 82156

Aftermarket; Aero Master decals, the Vokes filter was kindly supplied by a friend as not included in this boxing.

Paint; Exterior, upper, AK Real Colour RAF Middle Stone and Dark Earth overpainted with custom mix of RAF Extra Dark Sea Grey and XF8 Flat Blue. Lower, mix of XF23 Light Blue, XF19 Sky Grey and XF2 Flat White. Interior AK Real Colour RAF Interior Grey Green and Xtreme Metal Aluminium. LP5 Semi-Gloss Black and LP65 Rubber Black. Xtreme Metal Burnt Metal and Gunmetal. Various Tamiya X and XF and Posca pens for detailing. 

Primer; Mr Surfacer 1200

Varnish; AK Gauzy Shine Agent and Tamiya X35.

Weathering; Flory Dark Dirt and Grime wash, Abteilung oils, Ammo North Africa pigment and Tamiya weathering palettes.

Extras; Prym Knitting Elastic for the antenna wires.








































Edited by Jordan Giddins
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Lovely stuff Jordan. It is a fantastic kit of which I have built a couple - and I will be looking at Malta based Spits soon myself. I am impressed with your interpretation of the overpainting of the original colour scheme. Although I  of course didn't see the real ones this looks very convincing to me!





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3 hours ago, modelling minion said:

Great job on your Malta Spit, I really like the effect of the over painted camo and the fact that you took the time and effort to replicate it in the manner that it was done all those years ago.

Thanks I love the Malta Spitfires and this Eduard kit was a joy to build. I want to get the Vc Profipack next to build one of Denis Barnham's aeroplanes, another one of my Malta heroes.

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4 hours ago, Alpha Delta 210 said:

Hi Jordan. I don't usually comment on Spitfire models because I'm not particularly knowledgeable on the subject, but your model really stood out for being a slightly unusual subject and beautifully finished!:clap:

Thanks, it's appreciated 👍 

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