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Hunting Percival Sea Prince T.1

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Definitely my last build of 2023 !




This is the Special Hobby kit of the Percival Pembroke, which also includes parts (cabin interior, nose, short wing tips) for the earlier Percival Sea Prince T.1, as used by the Royal Navy's 750 Sqn to train navigation and ASW.




A rather obscure aircraft (although 41 were built), the Sea Prince saw wide use by the RN, in Culdrose, Lossiemouth, Brawdy and Hal Far (Malta).  As well as radar (with multiple displays for the trainees), it has a small bomb bay and wing pylons for practice weapons.




Sea Princes were used from 1951 until 1977 when they were finally replaced by the Jetstream.  The earlier short-nosed Sea Prince C.1 and later long-nosed C.2 were used for transport and logistic purposes (Valom has a kit out for this variant). The RAF also operated an upgraded version of the Prince with extended wingtips and a greater range/payload, known as the Percival Pembroke.




It's quite a difficult kit to build, requiring lots of filling, sanding and then filling again, but it's definitely worth it, although I really hate brush painting that fluorescent paint !  

Merry Christmas to all!  FredT :)




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Very nice build indeed:like:. Having built this recently (German Pembroke boxing) I fully agree with the comment you made ref filler and sanding. It does make a reasonable facsimile when done carefully, as can be seen by your lovely rendition.


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18 minutes ago, 72modeler said:

Didn't I just see this one on the OTHER websbite? If, so, what I said there still goes! :giggle:


There is another website? 🤪

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3 hours ago, TheyJammedKenny! said:

That's beautiful!  I take it that on your kit, the horizontal stabilizers were not warped?  If so, that's good and I was unlucky.  Mine has been scrapped, so more power to you, sir!

Sorry to hear that;  fortunately there was no warping on mine, although they were a pig to attach straight. The locating holes on one side were further forward than the other!


The wing roots were my biggest problem, and I didn't even attempt to increase the diameter of the hole in the cowling which is way too small.

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4 hours ago, Edger said:

Looks great, what fluorescent paint did you use?

Its Humbrol 209 Fire Red enamel.  A white base coat (yellow may be better) then 2 thinned coats of the red.  It was looking a little light, so I mixed some dark red into it. Wasn't sure how well the paint would mix, but it was OK and gave a slightly darker and less translucent finish, as well as hiding some of the brush marks from the first coat.  


I've tried the Revell fluorescent enamels as well, but I think the Humbrol is a little easier to apply evenly.  

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