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Lockheed C-130H 36SQN RAAF

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This is the 1/72 Italeri C-130E/H kit, it is usually displayed in the 10SQN (RAAF) crew room display case but has suffered over time.


I was given it to restore to its former glory. It represents a C-130H of 36SQN



It was originally built OOB (as a C-130E and dressed up as a H), so since it was getting (needed) a full repaint I decided to make it more H than E by extending the main gear sponsons and adding the ECS intakes which are prominent on the C-130H



I managed to make one prop out of the parts supplied and found 3 others in my spares box. I also had replace the nose gear leg and had to make new engines fronts to mount the props on. Finally the ramp parts were refitted, new antennas fabricated and fitted, seams re-glued and filled and a full repaint and decals added.


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14 hours ago, Bell209 said:

They should have a display case or two to keep it safe there!

True.  Headquarters people are less inclined than squadron-level pilots to "play" with the models and "fly" them around, especially on Fridays, after 3:00pm, when someone switches on the "beer light."


Great seeing this model given the TLC it deserves--it's a worthy subject worth saving!

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