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Quietly Came, Quietly Went… (35752) 1:35


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Quietly Came, Quietly Went… (35752)

Special Forces of the Ukrainian Army

1:35 ICM via H G Hannants Ltd




Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the Ukrainian armed forces have had to become their country’s protectors in the most practical manner, and it’s a job that they have taken to like the proverbial ducks to water.  Their regular forces have been expanded by the general populace taking up arms against the invader, and their Special Forces have become masters of stealth and tactics, causing many costly set-backs to the invader that helps keep Ukraine free. 


The title of this new box of figures from Ukrainian company ICM indicates what’s in the box, but keep it to yourselves, right?  Ukrainian Special Forces, who get up to all sorts of mischief and have the best equipment available to do the most damage to the invader.  They infiltrate, do their work then exfiltrate, hopefully without being seen or heard unless they want it that way, but if they encounter enemy soldiers unexpectedly, they are well-armed and trained to look after themselves, returning home to base for the Ukrainian equivalent of tea and scones, followed by some rest, before going out another day on the next mission until the country is totally free.  True bravery.




There are four figures in the box, representing a squad of soldiers that are discussing their next move around their leader, but with weapons ready in their hands in case they are seen by the enemy.  Two soldiers are stood looking down at their commander’s handheld device, while he and the other team member are crouching down.  The parts for each figure are found in separate areas of the sprue for ease of identification, and parts breakdown is sensibly placed along clothing seams or natural breaks to minimise clean-up of the figures once they are built up.  The sculpting is typically excellent as we’ve come to expect from ICM’s artists and tool-makers, with natural poses, drape of clothing and textures appropriate to the parts of the model, especially the tactical vests, which are covered in MOLLE loops to hang their gear from.  If you’re not a big fan of painting faces, all the troops have masks over their mouth and nose, partly for anonymity, but also to keep out the dirt and dust kicked up during combat.




The accessories are on two identical smaller sprues that contain several AK74 derivatives, with a choice of different stocks, an underslung grenade launcher, and even the locally produced AK-based bullpup the Malyuk, which means baby, but it also has a more aggressive name of Vulcan-M.  If you look closely, you can just about see the AK bones beneath the rifle’s skin.  A light machine gun is also included, the Ukrainian variant of the PKM, which is known as the KT-7.62 that is manufactured by Mayak.  One edge of each sprue has a pair of FAST helmets that are often used by Special Forces, and have side rails plus a separate night vision goggle mount on the front.  The last few parts are a couple of pistols in paddle-holsters, knives in and out of scabbards, optics for the weapons, and comms headset cans (probably Peltor) that are shown on the drawings, but don’t have their part numbers mentioned, but for reference purposes are parts W12 + 13.






Modern Ukrainian troops frequently wear Multicam BDUs and equipment, a swatch of which is shown on the painting guide, although solid green is also an option, however Multicam is much more Gucci, and is an effective camouflage in all areas of operation except arctic.  The instruction sheet has drawings on the back of the sprue guide, which has red letters in boxes that correspond to the table overleaf giving colour names, plus the codes from ICM’s own range of paints, most of which can be found in boxed set 3041.  You can find details of that set along with many others in our mega-review here.




A tight-knit squad of Ukrainian Special Forces for your next diorama or vignette, with great poses, detail and equipment to enhance realism.


Highly recommended.


Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd.



Review sample courtesy of



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