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Resin parts


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Almost got all my aftermarket bits n pieces to make a start on my '76 JH M23 .

Some of these are resin and not having any experience of this medium I was wondering what's best to bond them with

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Dont skimp on the Superglue...............buy a good one.  The cheapos you get in poundland and some on ebay are not much bottle.  Having been building Accurate Armour  1/35 and KFS 1/24 Military Models for over 40 years.   The cheepo breaks down over time..........some of the kits I made 15-20 years ago, parts are now falling away from my models, wheel s and suspension coming loose on my Antar and Transporter........I now use Zap o gap and rocket............thin, medium and thick and once used, also you will need epoxy - I use quickweld.................keep them in the fridge(where the eggs go)I have superglue over 5 years old and its still good

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I have VHS superglue thin and medium. I assume by epoxy you mean putty (sorry for being simple) if so, I have Tamiya putty (quite soft) and some green stuff putty (needs mixing and is quite stiff).

Again sorry for daft question but I assume the putty is to fill the interface gaps between the parts and make the joint nice and neat


Thanks for the answers 

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