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Reggiane Re.2000 Heja1 (Special Hobby 1/72)

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Greetings to everyone once again.
Re.2000 in export version for the Hungarian Air Force, the Hungarian version of the name is Heja 1.
The kit from SH contains a minimum of plastic, a lot of resin parts, a photo-etch board, a decal and two vacuum canopies. All the little things are shapeless pieces of plastic, so it was easier to make the small details yourself, the resin parts are also far from being of the best quality, and even the vacuum canopies had to be bathed in futura three times before they reached a relatively acceptable quality. And only the decal did not cause any complaints :) But not everything is so sad, I just had to work hard.

So, in a nutshell, the following has been done: the rear support niche has been sawed out and made (the SH does not have one at all), and the support itself has also been made; the keel is cut and installed at the desired angle; The landing gear struts are made entirely from scrap materials, and the wheels are from Equipage; All deflectable surfaces of the wing and tail were cut off and rearranged, thick edges were ground off, and the ribs were restored; the antenna, radio equipment under a canopy, navigation lights, exhaust pipes along with fairings were made independently; a lot of different small things were added to the fuselage, pipes, breathers, air ducts, casings, etc. The jointing was restored anew. The engine deserves a separate description. The original one, although cast in resin and quite neat, looks like a toy. I turned to Vector products. Of what Vector has in 72nd scale, the most suitable for conversion is the French Gnome-Rhone GR-14. By replacing the gearbox housing, the GR-14 became a Piaggio P.XI, although the housing had to be slightly adjusted. The hood was cut and adjusted to accommodate the installation of the engine, which also made it possible to add more scale to its edges, make the necessary air channels under the cooling louvres, etc. Push rods, high-voltage wires were added, and at the final stage, three-beam supports for attaching the engine to the hood along the perimeter and a synchronizer were added rotation of the screw. The propeller spinner was also machined independently, because The shape of the standard one from the SH set does not correspond to the drawings. The model is riveted. Acrylic painting (Tamiya and Hobby Color).

*Sorry for the automatic translation






































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Great result. But all the work is typical for what one has to do to improve such limited-run kits. I have the kit and that is actually one of the better ones, with a quite good cockpit.   

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The numerous corrections you made to the kit make it shine.  It is also so well built and finished.  Just a lovely, model whose build and finish are enviable.  Thanks for sharing.

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what a wonderful build !! mine is waiting for ..years ??;;;😄 tremendous on this kit !! 

Thanks for sharing  !! 


Congrats ! 

Just now, François Escudé said:

what a wonderful build !! mine is waiting for ..years ??;;;😄 tremendous job  on this kit !! 

Thanks for sharing  !! 


Congrats ! 


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